Hello my name is Haru and was formally known as HandShark. Its been a few years since I've been on here. A lot of changes have happend and I'm hoping to be on more.

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Cheap commissions cause of Rent Trouble

on 24 June 2015 at 05:44:19 MDT

Okay so here’s the deal: my sister and I are unable to make July rent. Her account is drained due to unexpected Car insurance fees and I am the only one making income right now, but have only just been released back to work from surgery recovery. Needless to say I will be the only one able to put anything towards rent. Its short notice but I have to be able to make $625 by the first of July.

That being said I am offering extremely cheap commissions!:

First Offer-> $10, fully coloured, simple shaded commissions with choice of bust, torso, and full body with up to 2 characters + BG if wanted.

Example -
Example -

Second Offer-> $5 Linearts with the same choices + B&W Shading.

Payment is threw Paypal and must be upfront and it can take up to 2 weeks to finish commissions.
NSFW is offered however there is an upgrade fee of +$3 ( so if you get the first offer as an nsfw, it will be $13 dollars instead of $10)
I draw anything from OC's, feral, furries, fursonas, mythical, humans, hybrids and more.

Message me about more details or email me at

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add  Simple BG
$ 10.00


add  Flat
$ 5.00


$ 8.00
Full Body
$ 18.00
$ 12.00


add  Simple Shade
$ 8.00


$ 5.00

If your interested please email me @
All payments are through Paypal @

✿ Prices ✿
Sketch - $5
Chibi - $8

Bust - $8
Torso - $12
Full - $18

✿ Additional costs ✿
Flat - $5
Shade - $8
Background - $10

✿ Will do:
NSFW (currently not taking atm)
As long as you have a reference I’ll pretty much do anything from OC’s to Animals, Shows, Games, Fic-art, anything Fan-Related, and more. Currently I’m not taking NSFW coms, but anything with slight bruising, blood, or suggestive themes are fine. I am open to many ideas and will only turn it down if I haven’t had the practice for it.

I am only open for commissions 10 slots at a time, but when one comes a available it will be shown below and on commission status as well as the button.

✿ Deals ✿
✿ $15 Sketch Painting Icon: Bust Icon painted in a semi to realistic messy style.

✿ $20 Pairing deal: You can get a torso up image of any 2 characters being platonic // romantic // suggestive with simple shading and a backdrop. (Add an additional character for $3)

✿ $30 Quick Pic: Single character Full image with shade and background. (current example unavaible)

**✿ Available Slots -7 ✿ **

✿ Additional Information:
-I can do whatever style from anime to realism
-Chibis have 3 different styles, Bubble, Simple, and Tiny
-Additional Characters are $5 -10, depending on complexity. You can have up to 3 additional characters for sketches at the base price.
-Simple Backgrounds like and object, tree, or a colors are no additional cost.
-Sketches can include colored hair, eyes, blush or all if requested, no additional cost.
-All payments must be upfront // If order is large I can do payment plans
-Chibi’s come fully colored and detailed, complexed backgrounds however are an additional cost.
-You can message me here on Tumblr with any questions you may have regarding commissions or art in general. I will not take commissions through Tumblr though.
-I have a near full time job and am slow to working on commissions. Average wait time is about a month for a fully colored and shaded piece. Smaller pieces shouldn’t take as long, just know it may take more than a few days.

✿ Full Commission Examples -> Here <- ✿

You can also find these on artisticpleasantriesartblog


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