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Panic! At the Morgue by KiRAWRa

Panic! At the Morgue


1 September 2020 at 15:31:32 MDT

Just girls talking about girl things - cute boys, hair, various organs they're missing..

Art Fight is such a great time of year because I can just rapid-fire experiment on my art with no strings attached. It has been difficult to strike a balance between the crisp, thin lineart I strive for and a more textured borderless look, but I feel like with each successive illustration, I'm starting to really solidify my current methods and get the results I want!

This one features Panic, an OC belonging to @Vallmosse. Scenedogs are kind of a rare sight nowadays, so I figured she might enjoy the company of my OC Threnody (if Panic can stomach her, that is).

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    I never had a sparkle scene dog in the early 00s, but man, I kinda hope they make a comeback because they're so gaudy and perfect. I love 'em.

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      No time like the present! Create the scenedog you wish to see in the world! 💪✨