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Stephanie | 20 | Female | United States of America

Aspiring Artist, Author, Avid Crafter, Christian, Designer (graphics + some computer programming), Musician, Photographer

I’m a college student majoring in Exercise Physiology who loves to draw, take photos, and make things with my hands. I tend to be a bit of an ocd neat freak and keep my clothes organized by color hue, but aslo have a natural sense of seeking knowledge and adventure. Outdoors and athletics have always been something that I love immensely as it helps me feel like I’m free of stress and rules and I love looking at the world around me. I also love almost anything Irish from Celtic knots to Celtic and Gaelic music and enjoy playing Irish music with my Flute/Flouta and Penny Whistle. Animals are some of my favorite creatures on the planet and are frequently the subjects of my work, but I like to change things up a lot and work with all sorts of subjects, art mediums, and crafting materials. My other hobbies include: reading, writing, working with simple computer programming, organizing/cleaning, listening to music, and drinking coffee/tea. I’m a dreamer with a huge bucket list of things to do in my lifetime and above all I make certain that I remind myself to never give up. My Lord and Savior will never forsake me, and I depend on him when I’m at my wits end. I am know around the web as:

Stephanie Griffin ~ AnaKitsune ~ oBrownSugaro ~ Aurumpuella ~ Animal Whisperer

Don't be afraid to talk to me. I'm very outgoing and friendly as I love people in general. Just ask my friends. <3 My friends are important and I love chatting with all of you on my streaming sessions. I'm more encouraged to draw when I have support and a good chat buddy. <3

○I am not a furry.

○I am always open for constructive critique.

○Please do not steal, claim, trace, sell, or replicate my artwork without my written consent.

○You are welcome in advance for all follows, favorites, and comments.



Latest Journal

My Introduction Letter

○Hello Weasyl○

Though I did miss posting my first journal on my true first day on Weasyl I will still make one today. Journals and submissions are not new to me as I've been a member on Deviantart for three years. (on different accounts) Though I'm not a furry I do like the easy-to-understand interface and the overall organized simplicity of the site. I hope to continue to learn the site and meet other members as I do my best to provide constructive critique, and chat on the forums. I also look forward to all of your constructive critique for my artwork, and having the opportunity to improve as an artist with you.


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