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Meowdy, AlterKitten here! Formerly known as Temari-Brynn!

My name is Brynn. I'm a full-time anthro artist from California. My main platform is Furaffinity but I try and keep up with Twitter as well.

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Info About Sketch Commissions!

I've wanted to tell people about my sketch commissions for a while. Iron out some details. So here we go!
**All prices are in US Dollars! Payment is through PayPal!

What are they?:
A sketch commission is a commission, to be put simply. When I'm doing a livestream in particular, you may ask to buy a sketch commission. These deals are ONLY available when I'm streaming, so be sure to watch out for them!
They are images that I take about an hour on. As such, they are "quick and dirty". They are sketches, to be put simply! Examples are shown at the bottom.

I will announce an hour before, or the day before, or right before I do a sketch commission stream!! They won't be any earlier than 9AM PST, and no later than 10PM PST. I've got college to
How much are they?:
Sketch commissions are pretty cheap compared to my Regular Commission prices.
Unfortunately, since these are sketches, there are a few "disclaimers" that I have to put here.
** the quality can range, that's part of the risk of doing these when it's at my discretion!
** for me to do it as quickly as I can, and to get the best result, it's best to let me "wing it". By that, I mean it's best to give me a character and a few small details to work with, and let me mess around with it! Telling me to draw "this character" in "this pose" doing "this specific thing" and with "this as the outfit" with "these extra accessories"... Whenever I hear that, I cringe a little bit.
So to simplify that: let me have fun and it'll be fun for you! I will ask you for more details if I need them!

No but seriously how much are they??:
Okay sorry I kinda went off on a tangent back there. Examples for all of these tiers are shown at the bottom!

"Just a Sketch": this is only $7 for one character. I will draw them in a sketch! This looks basically like a rough lineart. Each extra character is $3. More complex characters, background, situations, are subject to a price increase as well depending on situation. Should only take about 15-20 minutes to complete.

"Flat Colored Sketch": This tier is $14 for one character. This is a colored sketch with no shading! Each extra character is $4. More complex characters, backgrounds, situations are subject to a price increase as well depending on situation. Should only take 30-40 minutes to complete.

"Colored and Shaded": This tier is $20 for one character! I will color and shade the character, pretty self explanatory. Each extra character is $5. More complex characters, backgrounds, situations are subject to a price increase as well depending on situation. Should take around an hour or more to complete.

What's the process like?:
Easy! When I'm streaming, send me a message or whisper on the Picarto chat. Tell me what you want, what tier it is, the characters.. Tell me the basics of it! I'll tell you if and when I can do it, and put you on the queue.
Once your turn is up, I'll start the image. At the time I start the image, I will tell you to send the $___ to my paypal at *******
I'll also tell you when I receive the payment.

Once the image is complete, I will upload it and send you the link to the completed image!
You are absolutely allowed to upload these images to your own account, just give credit to me, linking to my account!!! If you don't do this, you'll get a grumpy artist :T

Each image gets put at the end of the queue if you order multiple. I will go through the whole queue before starting another image for someone who already bought one that day!

Wait, this sounds complicated o3o:
It's not NEARLY as complicated as this sounds!! It mostly sounds complicated because I'm explaining my relaxed process of doing things. It's not a strict or formal process, just ask me! XD

Where's those examples?:
Right here!
Sketch Commission Tier!

Flat Color Tier!

Shaded Tier!

Remember, all of these are subject to being better or worse than the images I provided. These are cheap, quick, and at my discretion!! I profusely apologize if they're not to your liking, and if you REALLY are not satisfied, come up to me about it! I don't want unhappy customers, but I also want to balance my own workload and make it fair for both of us!
Remember, I'm only human <3 And I care about ALL of you who care enough about what I do to PAY ME for it!! Like, seriously. <3

I hope this explains everything!! And if you have any questions, just ask!

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