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All Artwork in this gallery are © Zira/Azi
Do not take, use or redistribute anywhere without written permission of I (Zira/Azi).

Commissionned work can be used ONLY by the commissionner.
• You are ALLOWED to post the Art I've made for you on your account, BUT YOU HAVE to put a link to my account in the artist comment, otherwise you're NOT allowed to post-it. If the art ISN'T for you, you're NOT allowed. •

How to Contact Me:
send note here via FurAffinity
via my facebook page :
Skype : nelkaloot

I require payment upfront, because I can't always trust people
For bigger commissions multiple payments can be discussed.
I Was taking payment via Paypal before. But with the malus account in my paypal, i could restart taking it, but the first comissioner will have to call paypal and do the payment by phone with them, im sorry for this disagreement. Otherwise, i accept e-tranfer payment, deposit in my bank account and if you're local you can pay cash
ALWAYS include your FA username.

How to comission me, step by step ~

  1. Look at my profile for commission status.

  2. Send me information about what you would like, be precise as much as you can! But if you Give me the artistic freedom Be aware that i'm not gonna restart all over at 100% SIMPLE LOGIC ^^

  3. I will accept or not

  4. [If I said yes to your comission] I will give you my price if you don't already know them

  5. If you agreed with the price and I agreed to do your artwork, we'll talk about the payment method and you'll send it to me =D

  6. I'll start working only after receiving your payment =D

  7. Of course you'll get WIP =D But because my sketchs are very rough and super chaothic, I'll only send you the first Wip of the lineart. The lineart can be alterned and you can ask for change, if its not to draw it all over again! If you want me to start over, i mean ALL OVER , They'll be +$ . But minor change can be done without any problem, arms positions, emotions, hairs looks and little stuff like that, ask I'll tell you ^^

8.Once evrything is done, I'll send you the full artwork by email, or note, or whatever the way you want to get it, and a less resolution artwork to post here on Fa. YES you can repost your artwork, BUT give the credit where it belongs and never remove my signature =D

  1. Andddd just don't forget, you can contact me anytime :p


Time to draw: 1 to 30 days. Normally I do it during the week, but I have a life, I work on contract, I could be exhausted, sick, or have an art block. But I do what I have to do, and you get your commission during the month.
Ranking: I tried to do ''first come, first serve’’. But sometimes because of my mood swings and my ability to draw connected. If I am feeling very emotional and I have been crying then I will do a despair piece instead. Even if it’s the third on list, if I’m in the mood, I’ll do it instead of a loving-couple one. So it may happen that the order might change
Changes: You can ask and change your mind WHENEVER before I started! BEFORE! If I only sketched it, there's no problem I’ll do the change, but if the commission has changed drastically for example ''you want wings or now you want a background”, I’ll ask you to pay for the added changes. If I Send you the Line art wip for approval and you want to start it all over, some extra money could apply. This is only because if you want me to change the position ALL OVER or something like that the fact is I started working with the information you gave me. Your job to be as precise as you can. But if you want some minor changes like facial expression, you'd prefer a hand like that, or hair like this. It’s okay. If you changed your mind when I am coloring? I’m sorry but there's no coming back.
Refund: BE sure I didn’t start working on your commission first! Because once I get a payment, normally it’s set in my budget for the month. I do not touch the money from the commission until I start working on it. If I only drew the sketch, its fine no problem. If I did the line art and you approved it, I don't think I’ll be willing to refund you. Why? Because I'll do whatever I can to please your eyes and work hard on the commission: for our deal/business between us, my goal is to satisfy everyone. If you wanted to commission me at first it’s because you liked my art or my gallery, and you agreed on my style. And if you approved your line art, then you approve I can go on and that I did a great job. So, if I send you the line art and you approved it, there's no turning back. BUT if I can’t go on, if I must cancel our agreement. I'll refund you for what I did or did not. Example: if you approved the line art already, you like it very much, but OMG shit happens in my life I can’t continue to work on it for now because car accident, hospital or whatever the reason. I'll refund you the money for what I didn’t do. If it did your line art and you liked it, ill refund you for the coloration part and everything else. If I did nothing? Well I’ll just refund you completely. Sound cool to you?
What I won’t draw: ITS SIMPLE! ASK ME! I'm not very into sexual drawings, not because I don’t like it, but because I’m still working on it, I don’t feel like I have enough skills for it. But if you want to be one of my experiments, we could agree on something. BUT FOR SURE I’ll never draw pedophil-inflatuate-vore-babyfurs [I can’t stand diaper sorry] scotophil.

If you have any question, note me or contact me :p
~ Zira

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