Alright, so I'm a traditional artist. I use mostly copic markers, but do occasionally dabble in other traditional medias such as watercolor and oil paint. I draw a lot of anime, and furry stuff but also really enjoy life drawing. I'm going to be posting a mix of commission work, school works, and personal art. I hope you all enjoy :D

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Weekly update (10/24)

on 25 October 2020 at 00:20:36 MDT

Alrighty everyone, I’ve got some major updates for you all in this journal here, so be sure to read below!

First off, I’m changing up my Friday Streams. The first big change? They are not happening on Fridays any more! Friday Streams will be happening on the weekends from now on!

I’m also changing up how each stream works. From now on, I will only be doing 1 single Full Color Commission slot each week! This means that I will be opening 4 slots each month in my Artconomy page and those of you interested in commissioning me can put their orders into my waitlist right here:

Form submissions will open up on the final week of each month. As an example, ideas submitted during the final week of October will be selected and then drawn in November.

Every month, I will be picking 4 submissions to do from my waitlist. If your submission gets picked you can expect me to complete a sketch of all 4 submissions within the first week of the month. After you’ve approved the sketch, your submission will be on my calendar to be streamed during one of the weekends for that month.

These updates will be going live right now, so if you want to sign up, just click the link to my Artconomy above!

For all you artists out there, my art contest is still going on! You still have one more week to submit your drawings and enter for a chance to win my collection of Copic Markers! The contest ends at the end of October, so if you haven’t already, then click this link to check out the rules for entry:

Starting in November, I’m going to begin brainstorming some ideas for my own comic. I’ve got some plans to include my Subscribers in on the story making process, so keep an eye out for more details surrounding this in the very near future!

Thanks for reading!

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    Love your art <3

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    Hey there!
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    awesome style~!

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    Hey, another Copic fan :D
    School has made me only work in traditional media so far, so I don't have the need to do so on my own time as much. Hence all my digital artwork lol.
    Thank you so much for the follow!

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    I'm a sucker for natural media.

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    Omg your coloring is phenomenal ;A;!!! <3<3

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