I am a life-long artist in traditional drawing media, hesitantly making my way into the digital paintbox. My style is traditional, with an anthro/fantasy twist. I work primarily in pen, colored pencils, graphite and chalk pastels-- but I've been known to throw everything in my art cabinet at a piece, to achieve the effect I desire.

Currently, I'm having fun scaling Photoshop's learning curve (albeit CS2, which is from the dinosaur era), and hoping someday soon to be able to invest in a graphics tablet. Until then, it's the good old smudgy fingers method, coupled with a scanner!

As soon as I get my accounts in order, I will be open to accepting commissions, so watch this space, y'all.


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    Welcome, please post more traditional work. Digital is overrated!

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      Thank you for your welcome! And your wish is granted-- I'm uploading the finished version of The Fox Wife right now, and have another idea ready to start working on today.