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So I Went Full-On Real-Life Inflatable...

on 5 April 2019 at 02:21:35 MDT

...because I'm now old enough to have kidney stones. which apparently tend to shut down normal bowel functions.

So I bloated up with backed-up gas, to the point where my left side seriously felt ready to blow out. It wasn't pleasant. Didn't even know it was a kidney stone playing havoc with my guts until I went to the VA, sat in the only Emergency Room the VA has in the entirety of Maricopa County for four hours, got hooked up to half a gallon of saline (plus dye markers), sucked that bag up like a vampire waterbed, and got CAT-scanned.

Little bugger's the size of a BB pellet.

I'm considering heading out to the cheesiest strip-joint I can find when the time is right and see if I can't shoot a dancer with it. Gotta admit, that'd be a story t'chisel on my tombstone... -:>

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    Thank you for the fave!

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    Hey! Are you anywhere else but here after getting the twitter boot?

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      On Minds and Gab as RoyCalbeck or just Calbeck. Apparently Twitter is now run by bots which think opposition to lynch mobs is "hateful conduct". Then again, you're seeing people like SonicFox get bans for opposing TERFs, so go figure...

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    Thank you kindly for the follow! I hope you have a lovely day today and enjoy the art to come :D

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    Thanks for the faves, much appreciated!

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    Thank you for the follow, and the bunch of favs :3

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      Well ya do good stuff and I remember ya from back when.

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    |=| thanks for the favs Bro, hope you like the rest of my gallery