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I need more requests!

I'm trying to get used to painting again. For that purpose, I'll paint at least one 10 minute request a day. (like those http://zyonji.tumblr.com/tagged/10-minutes ) The more requests the better. I'll randomly choose which one to do next, giving those who already got one a lower probability, so nob…

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no concern to grant a wish

It is time. So much time without any art from me. I have fallen prey to the void. Haunted by questions about whether there's any value in what I do and if there's anyone out there who seeks the wisdom I posses. Motivation. There is no peril and no treasure. As pointless as it may be, I desire to dr…

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small break

I already didn't upload something on Tuesday without warning, so I want to let you know in advance this time. I don't have a drawing to upload Today either. I still haven't fully adjusted to having a job and the Christmas time sucks up even more time. I'm still staying strong on the "thing a day" o…

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first terms of service

I wrote my first terms of service today: http://zyonji.de/art/tos.html Does anyone have some thoughts on that, or might spot any questionable points? I appreciate all the help I can get (:

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The art of making money

I would very much appreciate if you could take a moment to give me your thoughts on the following points. The year comes to an end and the time has come for me to worry about money. So I will work part-time. I do have enough to survive, keep that in mind when writing your response. I have the desir…