no concern to grant a wish by Zyonji

It is time. So much time without any art from me. I have fallen prey to the void. Haunted by questions about whether there's any value in what I do and if there's anyone out there who seeks the wisdom I posses. Motivation. There is no peril and no treasure. As pointless as it may be, I desire to draw more. Give me a reason for why it has to be me and I will draw for you. However, this is not for free. Put yourself on the line, I will judge you. There is no fun in a wish if you don't fear it's advent. Time will tell who I can lure beyond the walls of their garden. Come give me a monster to fight and I might share the spoils. Now make your call, will I draw your request? Or will I agitate the monster to swallow you whole?

no concern to grant a wish


7 March 2017 at 07:18:30 MST

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