The art of making money by Zyonji

I would very much appreciate if you could take a moment to give me your thoughts on the following points.

The year comes to an end and the time has come for me to worry about money. So I will work part-time. I do have enough to survive, keep that in mind when writing your response. I have the desire to make money with my art solely to spend more time drawing and coding.

  1. tip jars
    It happened to me before, that I drew something on a whim for someone else and they asked for a way to tip me. I don't really like that idea for two reasons. First, I do not trust myself to not come to expect money for such drawings. I feel like it would spoil all the enjoyment of making gifts. Second, I would want to give something in return. But with the tip it's either so high that it better be a commission or so low that the best to give in return would be honest gratitude. But how can an expected exchange of appreciation for money be in any way honest? Lastly, I can see a positive, but I think there are better options. It can be way to influence what I work on. Putting money in the tip jar with reference to a specific topic or theme shows me that there's a substantial interest in it. I think there's a possibility that it would make drawing those things more exiting, but maybe also more disappointing if I don't succeed satisfying those who hold the interest.

  2. crowd funding art
    Contemplating the idea of tip jars I came to another idea that holds the advantages of tip jars without the drawbacks, but other drawbacks. It could be described as partial commissions or as donations with requests attached to them. For that purpose I would organize a website where I put a price on everything that has been requested together with the amount of money that has been donated towards it so far. Kinda like a lot of small kickstarters. The big drawback to that is that it's relatively complicated, people would need to visit a separate website and follow instructions on there. It doesn't sound convenient at all. Would you be ready to do that?

  3. Patreon
    This is pretty much just another form of tipping. I followed all the instructions, looked at as many other Patreons as possible to build up a page compelling as much as possible. However, I am worried that I copyed the layout to much now. The Patreon I got the structure from is this one . One worth supporting for sure. And this is mine . I feel like I should put my own spin on it before actually launching it. I would appreciate some advice on getting this right.

  4. Commissions
    This one is a short one. I have that idea of putting conditional discounts on the commission prices. For example 30% down if the thing drawn is presentable and can be used for promoting the commissions and 70% down if the resulting picture is portfolio ready and can be used as such. What do you think about that? Do you maybe have more ideas?

Thank you very much for reading through all of this. I appreciate every last bit of help I can get and just hearing different perspectives on it already is very helpful (:

The art of making money


30 November 2016 at 05:04:52 MST

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    This may just be me, but doesn't 70% seem like an excessively large discount?

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      A portfolio ready drawing has substantial personal use for myself. At least for now, I feel it useful enough to deserve a such steep discount, because it enables me making more money. I kinda like that idea. If you feel like it's a lot, then it should be a motivation for people. Maybe I'll actually make money that way (:

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        Good point. When the only resources you need are a couple electronics and electricity to power them, it could make more sense to charge less and draw in more customers. Seems like you put a good deal of thought into this!

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          Forgot to realize that I don't have the following to make commissions, thought. Just going by the numbers I would make maybe one commission a year if I'm lucky, so doesn't matter to much. Gotta develop my skill and following some more first.

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            One a year? ...Okay.

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              Yeah, got about 300 followers across the different websites. Comparing that number to the amount of views, favorites and people commenting I get on each upload and running that by the mix of ages of my followers, I got probably about 3 or 4 followers who have a disposable income and an interest in my art specifically and not just art generally. Then you gotta consider how many artists one person usually has interest in and how often they commission artists in general. Art is a luxury good. Hard to make money with art without having made yourself a name already.

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                Makes sense. Well, whatever works.