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Name Change

+3 Defense has officially been changed to Golden Maw You can check out my new website at goldenmaw.com and if you are a past commissioner no worries, the old site will forward to the new for at least a year until it has expired. I hope my past commissioners have enjoyed being +3 Defense suiters and…

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Final list of the raffle winners.

I'll be sending a generic email to all artists that have not already been contacted to alert them that the raffle is finally over! I am contacting them where they were last active- so sending messages across weasyl, DA, FA, and fb! If your artist hasn't gotten to you in a week from today please eit…

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Let's be more social! What's up with you?

Lol honestly I'm fucking pissed right now. Someone reported my fb name. Fb gave me absolutely no option to view my page or get my things even after I submitted my ID. They've given me no wait time to pull things off my page and no time estimation for when they're gonna approve this bullshit. Meanwh…

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Back from Vacation! Raffle still going!

Sorry for the late responses to all the new raffle entries! YES the raffle is still ongoing! and I'm still getting new prize entries from all kinds of wonderful artists! (Thanks again to everyone who has contributed <3) Raffle link https://www.weasyl.com/journal/89338/time-for-a-free-fursuit-head-a…

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Damnit furaffinity...

Let's try our best to shift the populace to weasyl. How can you do that? -Incentives Offer slight discounts for contacting you from weasyl. -Educate Don't be afraid to tell people why you're trying to get away from fa. -Peer pressure Don't be afraid to tell people why they should get away from fa.…

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People are actually using Weasyl?

Is it because fa is still down? ;P oh you sillies <3 But this is good, I'd love for a site with some damn organization to pick up! Sadly fa is where I get 85% of my customers from :T