Final list of the raffle winners. by Wahaneta

I'll be sending a generic email to all artists that have not already been contacted to alert them that the raffle is finally over!
I am contacting them where they were last active- so sending messages across weasyl, DA, FA, and fb!
If your artist hasn't gotten to you in a week from today please either contact me about it If they still cannot be reached or something goes wrong we will figure something out!

ONCE AGAIN! Thank you everyone who helped get some people started on Weasyl by donating to this raffle! This ended up being way larger than I ever expected xD So much art from so many talented people! I hope you at least got some watches out of this and those of you who haven't watched any of these fantastic artists should definitely check them all out!

And sweet jesus thank you all for being patient through the SEVEN drawings it took to end this thing!

-Grand Prize: A fursuit head made by Wahaneta. It will be a static-jaw, toony head that will be custom made. Shipping is also included in the US. Also includes A tail made by kgosiarts and basic handpaws made by lazyleopard
Upgrades will be available at a price to the winner-If the winner wants to pay to upgrade to a realistic suit that is doable.
WON BY 572 sweetsushi

-Custom badge by Wahaneta. Shipping included in the US.
WON BY 84 arlesey

-Bottle cap necklace with custom portrait by Wahaneta. Shipping included in the US.
WON BY 512 danwolf

-Digital Full color sketch by Uluri
WON BY 1061 dominobear

-Digital Chibi art by Uluri
WON BY 1152 wallaby_jango

-Digital Badge by kaioku
WON BY 1241 stephanbradshaw

-Ink bust and custom color paracord lanyard by vjcoon
Shipping included in the US
WON BY 1196 seadragonryo

-Fullbody Digital Drawing by vjcoon
WON BY 1229 joeyvadka

-Full Digital work by clcoon
WON BY 252 lionclaw

-A custom musical theme by Eluti
WON BY 975 dakotamalamute

-Full digital drawing by Zaezar
WON BY 550 dragonley

-Digital Chibi by Zaezar
WON BY 326 lovelycreamie

-Digital Badge by Shimmerscale
WON BY 115 animeguru06

-Animated Icon by Ninjamycat
WON BY 1157 amajadewolf

-Traditional Portrait by Ninjamycat
WON BY 5 menageriecat

-Chibi drawing by Preciouspaws
WON BY 352 kunook

-Dangly badge by xochiquetzal
WON BY 785 amanda

-A5-sized graphite illustration by mohrne
WON BY 408 rezsgar

-Traditional Badge by reindogcreations
WON BY 447 neomi

-Feral Chibi by corgion
WON BY 11 thedemonferret

-Headshot Badge by corgion
WON BY 57 infierna

-Colored headshot sketch by corgion
WON BY 72 tatzelthess

-Colored Feral art by Lykoschi
WON BY 567 willingprey

-Flat color drawing by xylious
WON BY 1019 question

-Fullbody and Full color digital drawing by CindertheKind
WON BY 454 Mohrne

-Flat colored headshot badge by teyumi
WON BY 1107 kikimochan

-Fleece Hat by sweetsushi
WON BY 224 Taiaboliclaw

-Colored Sketch by sweetsushi
WON BY 1036 furrhan

-Full body, flat color piece, up to 2 characters by naomewolf
WON BY 1233 won by lightnymfa

-Fullbody drawing traditional or digital by Fraulein
WON BY 2 konekokurohyuu

-Custom pencil case by fraulein
WON BY 97 astrangefolk

-Animated icon by Dragontamersuccubus
WON BY 925 glitchalope

-Glover light show to the choice of the recipients song, colors, and strobe modes by vixincolei
WON BY 1207 amber_z

-Magnetic clay head sculpture by greenflame
WON BY 1176 AzuelZorro102

-Another Magnetic clay head sculpture by greenflame
WON BY 389 shimmerscale

-Digital badge by lionclaw
WON BY 815 Seradar

-Traditional badge by flashhound
WON BY 138 greyscalethehyena

-Headshot badge by Axikor
WON BY 169 avanto

-Full body Full color piece by tylosoulspirit
WON BY 979 MinaraHxC

-Static icon by punkmeerkat
WON BY 1221 littlew0lf

-fullbody full color digital drawing by Norr
WON BY 281 shukie

-Static face icon by kinggigabyte
WON BY 1159 chris_tiger

-Pixel Icon by kinggigabyte
WON BY 802 roxpaw

-Full color and shaded headshot by halfbloodhybrid
WON BY 591 feyphoenix

-Custom Big Fox plush(free postage in Australia only) byazuredark
WON BY 508 greenflame

Final list of the raffle winners.


3 November 2015 at 09:58:01 MST

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    congratulations to all winners.

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    Congrats everyone!

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    Awesome. ^w^

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    Congrats to all!

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    Congrats All! But Thank goodness its finally finished it was getting kinda weird lol.

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    Congrats everyone ^^

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    Congrats everyone :D

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    Congrats everyone, was a fun experience!

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    Been saving this for when the raffle was finally over.

    So Congrats to all the winners!

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    congrats to all! :D

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    i hope there will be a second gieaway in the future ^-^

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    Finished my prize for Avanto! Just thought you might want to know. :)

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    Awesome! Congrads to the winners!

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    My prize winner received their badge almost immediately when I finished it.

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    I know it is a late comment here, but grats to all the winners! ^v^