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Let me tell you about a thing.
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Help me with a Project

Next year I am going to Fangcon and I am trying to come up with some ideas for freebies and other stuff to give away, or sell for really cheap, and among those things I thought I would make a little booklet with samples of my art work in it, but among that I want it to have some verbiage in there,…

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Free Art drawing-CLOSED

Please read this whole thing before commenting. After finishing up the last free art drawing I feel like doing another one. This one will span five sites and will include FA, Tumblr, Facebook, DA and Weasyl. Any watchers may comment, commenting more than once will not get you more chances. I will a…

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Sorry, removed a submission

Oh, sorry I removed a submission because I am having trouble with uploading it for some reason. The quality was really bad, so I took it down. Will put it back up later once I get the quality issue worked out.

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Hello, I am New

Just migrated here and in the process of up loading submissions. I've only just joined yesterday and I like what I see here on Weasyl. The format is easy to use, and GASP there are folders. I've been wanting folders for forever to keep art organized and people who want to watch me can easily find t…