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Hello, I am New by Tzologeist

Just migrated here and in the process of up loading submissions. I've only just joined yesterday and I like what I see here on Weasyl. The format is easy to use, and GASP there are folders. I've been wanting folders for forever to keep art organized and people who want to watch me can easily find the stuff they really want to see instead of pouring through hundreds of submissions to get to what they're interested in. In the next several days I am going to up load some of my personal favorite pieces and my comic Anime Guy and Dino Buddy. Because I don't want to flood the site I will only upload a few submission at a time until I have a decent gallery. I know that it's not too interesting (unless you already know the artist) to watch someone who has a dinky gallery. This will soon be fixed. I am a very prolific artist, and I draw a lot of stuff, and I like to think I have a good range of stuff. I mainly draw cartoony animals,but I also like to draw sort of realistic stuff, comics, and fan art. Most of my fan art is of either One Piece or Neopets. I have done requests for other people which often include characters from other cartoons, because I liked the challenge. I am still trying to be able to draw things such as cars, planes, and other machines well. I have a few examples that I am not ashamed of, but usually my attempts to draw cars is pretty miserable. Currently I have no plans on taking on commissions or requests. I do sometimes take up offers for art trades, but I wait for other people to offer, I probably won't offer to do art trades myself. It mainly because I just don't have much time for it.

Anyway, I hope to make some new art friends here on Weasyl. I am still getting to understand how things work here, so forgive me if I make some mistakes here and there.

Hello, I am New


17 January 2014 at 17:05:09 MST

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    Yep, folders are cool. You can also fav journals.