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Help me with a Project by Tzologeist

Next year I am going to Fangcon and I am trying to come up with some ideas for freebies and other stuff to give away, or sell for really cheap, and among those things I thought I would make a little booklet with samples of my art work in it, but among that I want it to have some verbiage in there, and I thought maybe if you guys have questions about my art work I can include those in the book. Just any kind of questions pertaining to my art or characters.

Other than that I am trying to think of stuff that I could easily mass produce (like 100 or 200 things) cheap. I am looking into silk screening glasses or coffee mugs. Casting plastic doohickes, decoupage, and other little projects. I really want to have tons of give away stuff, and I want to start now so by next year I will have a great big box of goodies. If I actually sell anything, I want to keep costs low so even the poorest slobs can afford something if I am all out of freebies.

I am also trying to have literal free bees to give out, but I haven't figures out how to mass produce bees. So far I have an idea on how to assemble them with pompoms, small clay balls, googly eyes and pipe cleaners.

Help me with a Project


13 November 2014 at 19:34:49 MST

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    I have seen bee facsimiles which use springs with tiny pompoms at one of their ends for sproingy, fake antennae, and one larger spring attached to the bee's backside by which the bee could be hung from places, so it can bounce up and down like a bungee jumper.

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      Not sure what you mean there, have you got a link?

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        Sadly I don't have a link, and it has also been a while since I last saw them.

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    You could make gift tags and/or Postcards with your Mascot(the pig) on it doing something silly or saying something witty/silly.

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      Yeah, post cards are a really good idea. They would be especially cheap for me to make because I work at a print shop and piggy back on other people's jobs, when their cards and what not don't quite fill up a page or something. Thanks for the idea.