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Open for Icon Commissions! Plus other updates

Hello everyone! I just wanted to bump that I'm still icon commissions until the year ends! Some samples (plus some I've done already for others!) can be seen right here Link!! They are $20 each, 500x500, and they can also come with a transparent background if you'd prefer that to a block colour bac…

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Webcomic is up! + in London next week

Hi everyone! I already put it in a submission, but: I'm doing my webcomic again! Re-did all the pages, and there's just under to read from the beginning here! It's a comic about mundanity, and the goings-on and fears of a small group of students. http://nonsensecomic.tumblr.com/post/124873572370/01…

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Life Updates!! Webcomic stuff + Personal Stuff + Bleh

Hi hi hello everyone!! I hope that everyone is doing well as of recent!! It's been a while since I made a general update journal here, so if anyone is interested, here's what's happened in the past few months: I'm a graduate!! I officially now hold a degree in English Literature which is....a reall…

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I made a Redbubble! Plus other updates

Hey there everyone, I hope that you are having a good day! A few things I need to update on, firstly: I made a redbubble!! A few of my bit and bobs are up on there available as stickers, if anyone is interested, check it out if you'd like!! My store is here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/tytonida…

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Still open for commissions! Also open for full bodies!

Okay so! I still have some slots open for commissions, like said! I was planning to reopen another batch of slots offering full bodies after this batch, but upon reconsideration I'm gonna open them up early and offer them now!! Just a little boost, all information is HERE: https://www.weasyl.com/jo…

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Commissions! 1 Slot Available!

Hey ho!! So I'm gonna open up a bunch of slots for icons in this style here! These are $16 each: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/858653 I'm also open for full body commissions! These are $30 each, examples are here!: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/827293/commission-bless-ed-ewe https://www.wea…

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Hey Weasyl! Overdue update journal

Hey guys!! Hope everyone is doing okay and getting on well with everything! Sorry for not being too verbal on here, I do check Weasyl pretty frequently though I don't make frequent journals (I'm most active on twitter if anyone would like to keep in contact! https://twitter.com/tytonidaeus) So yes!…

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A question for those subscribed to/ have a Patreon

Hey there folks! I just came with a few questions to ask. I'm considering giving my comic a Patreon. Not right at the moment because I'm only 5 pages deep and I want there to be about 10-15 extra pages of content for people to judge before starting that up. The thing is, I have my studies now to ba…

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So I haven't made a journal here in a while (updates!)

Sorry Weasyl! I generally am much more active on tumblr and twitter, but I'll try to fix that! So, a rundown of the past few months and the current situation: This Summer has not been the greatest. I've had to move back home over the Summer before University starts again and home life here isn't th…

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I am open for commissions!! More information inside!!

You can find all information in this post here!: http://princepalindrome.tumblr.com/post/86718974984/hello-so-after-fiddling-and-diddling-around-with I still have 9 slots open, please consider at least having a look (or if you also have a tumblr, reblogging this post) Thank you so much!!

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what do you do when you are in an artistic rut? (advice please!)

(copypaste across various sites so apologies if you are seeing this multiple times!!) Hello everyone! Hope you are all well! So like the title suggests, I'm in a mild rut at the moment. I'm sketching a lot and I'm thumbnailing/sketching for comics but when it comes to finished pieces I can't help b…

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What would you like to see me do more of?

Ha ha hey First of all: to the people I owe trades to, I have not forgotten you! I am working on them and they shall be posted soon. Also, as I've seen this type of post make the rounds recently, what would you like to see more of/differently from me? Anything I need to work on more?

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What do you all do? (also new banner)

Made myself a shiny new banner! I'm quite proud of those dumb pheasants and I'd rather new people see that than my silly owl sona. BUT ANYWAY, I'm curious to what all of you do! There are so many talented artists on here that I know for a fact have a non-art related career, so I'm interested to wha…

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Hey so! Art trades!

Would anyone be interested at all? It's always a pleasure to draw other people's characters, so if anyone's interested, link or inbox a reference and I'll get back to you! Yeah!

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Introduction Journal!

Hey hey hello! Sorry to the few people who followed in the midst of me uploading all my art. That was selected pieces from June to December 2013. So following the wake of FA's impressive downtime I'm making an account here in case I get fed up of FA in time. Hope you all are having a good holiday.