Open for Icon Commissions! Plus other updates by tytonidae

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to bump that I'm still icon commissions until the year ends! Some samples (plus some I've done already for others!) can be seen right here


They are $20 each, 500x500, and they can also come with a transparent background if you'd prefer that to a block colour background! Comment here or send me a note if anyone is interested!

Other stuff! Not a huge amount to report at the moment! I started up my webcomic again, I'm really excited to do this chapter as it's technically where things start happening! Life at the moment is slow, just working at my job and plodding away. Getting hype for Christmas and all the festivities ahhh. How is everyone else doing??

Open for Icon Commissions! Plus other updates


1 December 2015 at 09:40:55 MST

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    In the near future I'd be up for getting a colorful icon from you.
    Things are super slow for me, learning meditation, handling my insomnia and the best thing of all work ahah.

    Just a stressful summer ends into a summersalt fall. I know this journal is a year old but this fan wont quit you grumpy owl kiddo.