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I had SUCH a blast at Anthro Weekend Utah 2017! OMG! Over the next week, I will be posting art that I made for lovely folks at the con to here (and Weasyl) and I will be putting up all the awesome fursuit photos I got to my suit's facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/ticathesloth/ ). Keep an ey…

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Going to AWU! pre-order badges at a discount!

Hello friends! I know this account has been dormant for a while, but I've been doing art... I just haven't been good about posting it. Prepare for an incoming art dump~ I just wanted to let everyone know that I am going to be in the dealer's den at Anthro Weekend Utah in Salt Lake City on October 2…

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RMFC 2016 art show

I realized a while ago that I never uploaded the art that I'd put in the RMFC 2016 art show... I'm gonna do that now, starting with the ones that sold and ending with the ones that are still for sale. So keep an eye out! Also, unlike on FA it seems as though I haven't put previous years' paintings…

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Halloween Badge Commissions! Limited time only!

I am opening for Halloween commissions for October 2016. There will be six slots. The first four slots will be 100% definitely delivered before Halloween on October 31st. The last two slots will likely have a delivery time of early November. After October ends, I will close these down until next ye…

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Halloween is the best of weens

Thought I would just, idk, put up a journal or something. My current icon was a commission I got from Sigil!! She is an excellent artist and you guys should all run over to her page and check it out ~ (she does do a lot of NSFW stuff, fyi, so make sure your settings are set correctly if you're in p…

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going to be uploading like mad over the next few days I think

I've been woefully neglecting my Weasyl account... probably because FA has a larger community base. But recent technical glitches with FA make me realize how valuable it can be to have two concurrent galleries going at the same time. Over the next week or so I'm going to try and upload stuff to whe…

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I'm moving back to Colorado from Upstate NY by the end of March, and honestly I can't wait. I need it really, really bad. The remaining days are not ticking by fast enough............

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Raffle from a pretty rad artist

https://www.weasyl.com/journal/33903/weasyl-only-free-art-raffle-drawing ^^^ Free to enter... all you gotta do is watch the artist, repost this journal, and comment with your Weasyl ref! ^^^ Artist is totes worth watching even besides the whole raffle thing! I mean, look at this: https://www.weasyl…

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"Get to Know Me" meme

Last meme for a while, I promise. (I don't typically spam with journals!) What's your real name? Meet me in real life and I will tell you. How old are you? 24 How tall are you? 5'3" What's your natural hair color? Light brown with blonde highlights? I don't even know... I keep my hair buzzed short.…

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Character Questionnaire

Snatched from SassySloth The Character Questionnaire by CrazyDragon! Let’s start by sharing a link of your character! Here be my loverly ref: https://www.weasyl.com/character/19882/tica What is your character’s name, any reason behind the choice? Tica. I was looking up native South American names,…

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Weasyl and FA

So, after FA's massively-long downtime recently, a lot of people are trying to promote their Weasyl accounts more. I made one a long time ago as Gypsi-Rae but the Weasyl staff were kind enough to change my username to Tica for me! I will slowly begin re-posting posts from FA onto here, as I have ti…