Halloween Badge Commissions! Limited time only! by Tica

I am opening for Halloween commissions for October 2016. There will be six slots. The first four slots will be 100% definitely delivered before Halloween on October 31st. The last two slots will likely have a delivery time of early November. After October ends, I will close these down until next year.

Badges will be a special price of $20 each because I really enjoy Halloween! If you would like yours printed, laminated, and shipped, that will be a total of $25.

There are two types of badges to choose from here. The first type is Zombie badges, where your character's face has part of their skin ripped away, exposing the flesh and muscle underneath. There is no blood involved but they're rated Mature for gore. Click here for examples:


The second type is Glowskull badges, where your character's entire skull is exposed, with magical glowing orbs floating in the eye sockets. Click here for examples:


Slots will be finalized once payment is received. Please send an email to jameverywhere at gmail for inquiries.

(delivery before Oct 31st)
Slot 1: empty

Slot 2: empty

Slot 3: empty

Slot 4: empty

(delivery after Oct 31st)
Slot 5: empty

Slot 6: empty

Thank you!

p.s. -- I may accept a few equivalent Halloween-themed trades in lieu of payment. Please send me a note or email to negotiate this.

Halloween Badge Commissions! Limited time only!


2 October 2016 at 18:56:20 MDT

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