RMFC 2016 art show by Tica

I realized a while ago that I never uploaded the art that I'd put in the RMFC 2016 art show... I'm gonna do that now, starting with the ones that sold and ending with the ones that are still for sale. So keep an eye out! Also, unlike on FA it seems as though I haven't put previous years' paintings into my Weasyl gallery so I'm gonna start with those here.

I had painted five pieces and sold three of them, so I consider it a success. :D

Now, I probably should have charged a tad more for what I sold, but I'm still getting the hang of this whole art selling thing! It's hard to figure out what to charge, knowing that you have to take into account lots of different factors--not only how much time you spent on it and cost of materials (canvas, art supplies, etc.), but also the quality of the finished product (experts can charge more than newbs), what people are actually willing/able to pay (furries skew young and tend to be kinda broke, lol), and what other artists are charging (it's unfortunately common in this fandom for artists to charge way too little... which drives down the amount people are willing/able to pay).

Next year my plan is to actually have a table in the dealer's den, so I probably won't be putting anything into the art show... but we'll see!

RMFC 2016 art show


20 January 2017 at 14:00:05 MST

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