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Quick words to you all/ content update

Okay a quick word First off kinda disappointed thought my April Fools joke would trick more people but oh well least I was festive ^^ Alright So the Rocket and Groot comic has been delayed an Error happened on my art studio program and I lost a lot of my progress on top of that I have school to dea…

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Goodbye everyone

Well I had a fun run but due to a few issues I'm leaving my accounts I know it's hard I've put in so much time I didn't even get to finish the comic but I gotta focus on school so yeah that's my news I'm sorry to be going but yeah so Good bye...

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RIP mr Rocking Robin

I JUST WOKE UP FROM MY NAP TO FIND OUT ROBIN WILLIAMS PASSED AWAY he was one of the best he was a major part of my childhood I loved him and his many works I mean this guy was the voice of Genie he was the lead in Jumunji he was Mrs Doughtfire and he was just pure Amazingness even Seth McFarland lo…

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Summer Journal Update

Ok well i still got a crap ton of Art to do and Post i went to Supercon so that was Awesome and i'm in summer school so maintaining my grade is a bit hard as for Art i still need to finish 1 comic make a gift for 2 friends and do that week of fan art i said i was gonna do not to mention posting som…

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Request week is Done and life Update

You all can Bet Request Week is over though i'm glad i got to do 2 at the least anyways i plan on doing more stuff like that in the future I still have 2 gifts to two friends i need to make I am planing to do a week of Fan Art to show my love for my Fandoms Then i plan on doing a Week of Artist Fan…

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Requests are Open!!!

K well my whole Commissions thing was a bust so i decided to do some Requests The Rules are simple Everything will be in my style all Drawings will be as simple or complicated and well drawn as i want (Now here are things I am not going to do in my Request) No fetish stuff like NSFW, Babies, Diaper…