Quick words to you all/ content update by ThatLizardGuy

Okay a quick word

First off kinda disappointed thought my April Fools joke would trick more people but oh well least I was festive ^^

Alright So the Rocket and Groot comic has been delayed an Error happened on my art studio program and I lost a lot of my progress on top of that I have school to deal with and I'm trying to sort out all my work luckily i'm currently in spring break and with that I'll have time to work on rocket and Groot ,work on my biggest cosplay yet ,update all my accounts ,and fix up my issues and post my more art as well

If you love Guardians of the Galaxy stick around I plan on posting some Guardian pictures and Doodles

Thank you for being patient with me and again I apologize for the delay on the comic I'm hoping to get something by late April or early May

As for myself I'm good and not much has gone on and I plan on a few updates on my channels and uploading the comic to weasyl and uploading all art to channels

Also I'll making more journals only cause I'd like to hear all your opinions and questions as to things I like my art work and to me in general I figure I should reach out more

Anyways I will be trying to manage things once again and that's the news with me

If you love my work or any of my pieces Fave Comment on it and if you just love my art in general watch me

Quick words to you all/ content update


6 April 2015 at 15:56:12 MDT

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