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ThatLizardGuy / male / somewhere in florida

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ThatLizardGuy's Shouts

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    haha sorry for the very late reply but thanks again x) your artwork is amazing :D I even like the ones with you meeting the merwolves :P im awesome alright but not as awesome as you are x) no one can beat your awesomeness

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    I was here. Seen things. Didn't go to the asylum.

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    and thanks for following me here too :D

    hope you like my writings :)

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    yay Lizard guy :D

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      well my Names Lizard Face i know you know that but i don't want comment readers to confuse my name

      also its so Awesome to see you XD

      a friendly face on this wierd new place is always nice to see :)

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        yay :D
        Friends together :D

        and its great to see you and your wonderful comedic art style :)