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Requests are Open!!! by ThatLizardGuy

K well my whole Commissions thing was a bust so i decided to do some Requests

The Rules are simple

Everything will be in my style all Drawings will be as simple or complicated and well drawn as i want

(Now here are things I am not going to do in my Request)

No fetish stuff like

NSFW, Babies, Diapers, Inflation, Domination, Vore, Macro, Bestiality and other fetishes

(I just have this thing about my standards don't ask)

I'm not drawing any My Little Pony stuff unless you payed me a great amount to so (I am not a fan of the show and i may not be great at drawing them in my style)

(Then thing I can draw)
Humans ,cartoony stuff, Fan art Pokemon, aquatic , Merpeople (mermaids and merman) mythical creatures anthro people (basically furries) comedy and cute stuff Ocs Ect.

You can ask from today to sunday as soon as its midnight that means as soon as its the 25th is over then the request are closed till next time i feel like opening them

Now this week is people asking when these Request will be done depends on me it that means all of them may not be finished by the end of this week

Another thing if there is an OC of yours you want me to draw then there must be some sort of visual picture to him/her/it
that I can use as a reference I have this rule because if your character is written I don't want to mess it up and have it be off at a lot of things

Finally in order to request comment on this journal

I'm making a few gifts for some friends as well

And lets hope i get some people this time

Last time it was only DA and it was Commissions but This time its also open to my other sites too




Requests are Open!!!


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