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Sjru / 27 / Male / Posadas, Misiones, Argentina

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The websites where I am

Flavors.me was killed off so I’ll use this post to keep track of the pages I am so it’s easier to find me♫ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sjru_st Deviantart: http://sjru.deviantart.com/ Tumblr: http://sjru.tumblr.com/ Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sjru/ Weasyl: https://www.weasyl.com/~…

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Notes about Journals & Blogs here

I find it tiring to repost them everywhere so mostly I'll post my blog / journals on my FA, DA, and tumblr. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sjru/ http://sjru.deviantart.com/ http://sjru.tumblr.com/ I check messages here! (Tho not that often) for faster reply just send me a tweet~♫

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Who has tumblr?

Figured out I'd need new pals that give a damn bout what I post ^^ I post mainly Steam related shenanigans and MOTHERFUCKING DRAGONS If you want follow me, tell me I'll follow back <3 (Tho I'm not much in there to spend hours on dashboard) http://sjru.tumblr.com/

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[Blog] Apparently I'm good at hiding my feelings.

Or I was... I guess.. It's too easy for me to show myself as "Happy and dandy", and I do a darn good job at it. But is it worth faking myself? I don't have many reasons to be happy, tbh. I stil lfeel empty on my inside, and while I can look happy easily, does it mean that really I am? Well... if I…

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I hate myself a bit on the inside...

That part of my personality, which I can't or I don't know how to love It saddens me that, even if I want a special one, I can't do it on my own as I need the other to feel the same for me, and of course, practically noone wants to develop a relationship, and even those that want, give up really ea…

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You can't help.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJ2VFyD-ldA No, you can't. Or at least, you're not likely to. I'm shy by nature, I always was. The only thing is that I can gain confidence and overcome that to a certain extent, which lately I have. Thing is, that doesn't solve the problem. I'm on meds, okay? Since…

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General info about my Steam profile

Lately I'm getting lots of friends invite in Steam. And by lots, I mean A LOT per day. I don't get where those bloody invites come from, honestly. But if you, for some reason, want to add me, at least make sure to comment in my profile first, because I don't pay attention to that huge pending invit…

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I can't express myself.

I can't, really. Lately I was using twitter to talk about my feelings but I feel it's not the right place to do it. And I'm running out of choices, tbh. I'm an expert on faking my own feelings that's why when "I show sad" it's just part of the story. And I hardly ever I am allowed to show that I'm…

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CHECK HERE BY THE COW PARDUS https://www.weasyl.com/journal/36783/free-art-raffle

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More dragony friends!

Welp! I would love to have more friendly friends that are dragons. I know really few dragons I can hug! Does any user here know any good dragon to be super good friends? o3o

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[Blog] I don't start chats

I feel I have to say it Simply put, [b]I rarely, or selfdom start chats on my own[/b]. Be it Skype, Steam, or any other instant message system. I just cannot afford myself to chat with every single of my friends, or keep up a schedule to chat with them on my own. [b]However[/b] once they start a ch…

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My wishes this year! Happy new year!

Oh this is a new year! 2013 is gg wp and passed out, and a new year started, how wonderful isn't it? I've seen some that passed the year with no much celebration, depressed or alone =( but perhaps soon they will overcome those barriers to be happy! Yay! In any case, my wishes this years would be to…

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Today is my birthday! =D

Yup yup yup!! I got like 150$ from my godparents, some drawings and some games from my internet friends =D What a nice day woo woo!! Hopefully most of my wishes get filled, heh... heh...

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My personal opinion on relationships, and alike

I've been asked about this ALOT, so I guess I should just write it out. This is my personal opinion. What do I think about relationships? They're OKAY, as long as you use them as means to get a permanent partner or friend in life. It doesn't matter much if that user is your special one or not, you…

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Happy Friends Day to all!! =3

Soup on there!! Today 20 July it's the anniversary of the Landing on the moon, and where I live we celebrate Friends day! So happy friends day to all!! Let's all have fun and make more friends =3

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I got a personal admirer!

OMG! I got a personal admirer from a group of parasprites. He took his valuable time into making a parody profile of me! http://sjru.tumblr.com/post/51699121890/omg-i-got-a-personal-admirer-from-a-group-of He even shopped my pic! I’m so flattened! Because obviously it’s better to spend your time en…