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Keeping my characters grounded

When writing a story, sometimes I feel the urge to write a scene that pops into my mind. Problem is, sometimes those scenes may cause some conflicts with the character's personality or their own back story. Now I hate conflicting story elements and a characters acting very out of character unnecess…

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The character sheets took up a lot of space.

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Rosalina Kinda

General Characteristics Name: Rosalina Kinda Appearance: She is a petite girl at the age of ten. She has a slender frame, mostly of muscle due to her being physically active. Pronunciation: Ro-za-lee-na Ki-n-dah Name Origin: Latin-America Name Meaning: Rose Other Names: Rosa, Romeria Alternate Form…

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Aine Macie's Character Sheet

General Characteristics Name: Aine Macie Appearance: Deep Toffee color skin tone. She has a curvy hourglass body shape. Her hair is a burnt umber normally. Her eyes are an Aqua Blue. Symbol: Black Sun Pronunciation: Aan-Yaa May-sea Name Origin: Aine is from Celtic origins Name Meaning: Aine means b…

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Trinity Miles' CS

"My name’s Gin Blanco, and I kill people." - Spider’s Bite, Chapter1 General Characteristics Name: Trinity Miles Appearance: Toffee color skin tone. She has a curvy body shape, more so around the hips. Her eyes are a deep magenta. Her hair is sapphire blue. Symbol: A snowflake Pronunciation: TRIN-i…