Aine Macie's Character Sheet by Mendrea

General Characteristics

Name: Aine Macie
Appearance: Deep Toffee color skin tone. She has a curvy hourglass body shape. Her hair is a burnt umber normally. Her eyes are an Aqua Blue.
Symbol: Black Sun
Pronunciation: Aan-Yaa May-sea
Name Origin: Aine is from Celtic origins
Name Meaning: Aine means brightness and fire
Other Names: Minena
Alternate Forms: Infernal Form.
Social Security Number: 757-93-9878
ID Number: 358013759
Theme Song: Get Lucky (Halestorm Version)
Zodiac: Aries

Personal Characteristics

Birth Date: April 12th
Birth Name: Aine Macie
Birth Place: Fairpond Hospital
Birth Weight: 7lbs
Birth Length: 20in
Manner of Birth: Normal.
First Word(s): Flare

Primary Objective: Help figure out a way to stop the Auden.
Secondary Objectives: Trying to make sure that everyone doesn’t turn on each other.
Priorities: Her main priority is to keep Rosa safe and cared for. She does not want her to feel left out, underappreciated, or for her to think her feelings are unimportant.
Motivation: Responsibility to make up for the actions of her parents and the destruction she caused with her other half when she was a child.
Accomplishments: High ranking official for the government in the area
Greatest Achievement: Considered the newest magical protégé
Failures: She has failed to keep her fire magic and Minena in control despite her training in fire and other magical elements. She wears a magic suppressor on her wrist to keep her magic and her other half under control if she emotionally breaks down.
Biggest Failure: Letting her pyromania get out of control and getting many of the residents in the “City of Trees” killed, including Rosa’s birth parents.
Self-Confidence: She is confident in her magic power and her ability to plan a situation and keep things flowing in her favor should anything unexpected happen. However, she is not confident enough in her ability to control herself to take off her magic suppressor.
Traumas: She is traumatized by the fire she caused at the age of ten, which set an inhabited forest, on fire. The flames were too strong for her to put out herself and caused numerous deaths and casualties. Aine witnessed the death of Rosa’s mother as she managed to save Rosa as an infant.
Afflictions: She’s struggling to keep her pyromania under control, more so in the recently stressful events
Embarrassments: She gets embarrassed when Trinity does her subtle flirting and when Rosa brings up some of the silly things they did while growing up.
Worries: She’s not yet capable of keeping herself stable without depending on people. She’s afraid that she won’t be able to control herself when she’s finally alone
Soothers: Being hugged by Rosa or comforting from Silvious. She’s also finds comfort in cooking and creating fires.
Instigators: the scent of burnt skin, seeing someone hurt Rosa or any other child.

Earliest Memory: When she was able to use her magic for the first time
Fondest Memory: When she learned how to use her magic to animate puppets for Rosa to enjoy.
Worst Memory: Burning down the forest

Desires: She wants Rosa to gain enough experience so that she’ll be able to explore the world on her own. At the same time she wants to be able to control herself and move past the traumatic incident.
Wishes: She wishes that she could end the conflicts and stop the Audin Knights peacefully. But she knows that the world would not have it, or the people in power wouldn’t have it.
Regrets: She regrets she blindly followed her biological parents’ wishes, which led to the current issues at hand.
Secrets: As of the beginning of the story, no one knows that she was the cause of the fire. She is suicidal. She works very hard for others because she doesn’t believe that she’s really worth anything.
Confidantes: Silvius and over time Trinity
Soft Spots: She helps people she sees being treated unfairly or being bullied. She also tends to provide help for the homeless she finds.
Cruel Streaks: She will become cruel to the people that are abusive and underhanded. Also towards those who discriminate.

Musical Instrument: Violin
Quirks: Has a weakness for rescuing stray animals, Always has change her pocket to give to beggars or homeless, remembers everyone’s birthday the first time she hears it.
Dominant Hand: Right-handed

Mental Characteristics

IQ: 153
Known Languages: English, Japanese (Her adoptive parents being Japanese)
Lures: She still has her childlike wonder to be drawn towards beautiful displays and scenery
Manias: Pyromania
Memory: She have very good memory, however if she’s stressed or overwhelmed she may forget things for the time being.
Savvies: She’s good at cooking and tailoring clothes together. Having Fire as one of her elements, it requires her to eat a lot of food due to the high calorie burn. She learned how to cook from the couple who ran the neighborhood bakery. Her adoptive parents were not very wealthy so they didn’t always have the best clothes. She learned how to sew clothing so that she and Rosa could look decent.
Ineptities: She doesn’t understand video games. She’ll just watch Rosa and Trinity play, but will have a very hard time if he tries to play herself.
Temperament: Idealist (choleric)
Hobbies: Reading, playing with puppets, collecting crystals
Pet Peeves: People commenting on her eating habits, when people slack on work and then complain that they have so much to do when it piles up.

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical-Mathematical: She is very good at incorporating math and logic into her thinking
Spatial: Magic requires imagination, she is very imaginative
Linguistic: She writes and speaks very well with people, normally
Musical: She has a decent perception of musical sound and rhythm
Interpersonal: She generally interacts very well with other people.
Intrapersonal: She’s still struggling to understand some things about herself, mainly concerning Minena. She doesn’t know her limit before Minena will start to take control
Naturalistic: Because of her fire magic, she’s made it a habit to learn her surroundings. Should she ever need it, she’ll need to know what’s flammable and what isn’t. Along with making sure nothing explosive is nearby.

Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: “I gave my word”
Etiquette: Her caring for Rosa, helping Trinity find the person who killed her parents are some examples of her staying true to her promises.
Attitude: She acts pretty neutral towards most events.
Outlook on Life: She tries her best to keep a positive outlook, more so for everyone else’s sake than hers.
Perception: She looks at things realistically with a bit of skepticism
Standpoint: She looks at the world as if it really is “Us against the world.”
Philosophy: “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”

Spiritual Characteristics

Superstitions: (What superstitions does your character subscribe to?)
Virtues: Patience
Vices: Despair

Supernatural Characteristics

Ability: Magic Polymath
Element: Multiple. Born with the magic elements of Fire & Darkness. Throughout the course of her life she’s learned and is still practicing how to use Earth (to make golems and use talismans for them), Air (for healing) and Ice (to help Trinity)
Immunities: Her hair is non-flammable due to being born with fire magic. It takes much longer for her to feel the effects of heat, such as heat stroke. Same with burns as it takes a much higher temperature for her skin to burn.
Futilities: Her fire magic cannot be used in an area lacking in oxygen, because the fire will not burn and she’d risk suffocating herself.
Restrictions: The only elements that can come naturally to her with the least amount of concentration are the ones she was born with. The other magic takes time and much more concentration. She is limited to how much energy she can spend on these elements, more so with Ice magic.
Origin: She was born with the magic for Darkness and Fire. She learned how to use Air magic’s ability to heal growing up so she wouldn’t be entirely dependent on going to the hospital for injuries and having her adoptive parents deal with bills they couldn’t pay for. She learned how to use Earth magic to create golems to protect herself while on the streets. She’d been trying to learn Ice magic from Trinity since their development as friends began. So far she’s only able to use a decent amount of power with Trinity’s help.
Source: She gets her power from her body. She also has access to talismans and her own Amberant Crystal

Highs and Lows
Favorite Color: Teal
Favorite Drink: Chamomile Tea
Favorite Food: Salmon Burger
Favorite Flavor: Spicy
Favorite Musical Genre: Pop
Favorite Number: 15
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite Story Genre: Fantasy
Favorite Subject: Chemistry

Least Favorite Color: Purple
Least Favorite Drink: Energy Drinks
Least Favorite Food: Corn dogs
Least Favorite Flavor: Bitter
Least Favorite Musical Genre: Metal
Least Favorite Number: 26
Least Favorite Season: Winter
Least Favorite Story Genre: Romance
Least Favorite Subject: History


Accessories: She wears a wraparound necklace and a pair of red earrings
Dress Style/Wardrobe: She wears mostly feminine style clothing
Equipment: She carries a talisman for creating a golem in emergencies
Most Prized Possession: A pendant that Rosa made for her when they were both still in the orphanage. She wears it on the necklace.
Most Valuable Possession: She owns an Amberant Crystal, which is a versatile item for people with and without magic.

Trinkets: She wears a band bracelet on her left arm with a rune scripted in it. She has been using it for years to make sure she doesn’t overbear herself with magic.

Social Characteristics

Communication: During her job, she tends to be very formal with the people she talks to. When she talks to people she trusts and cares about, she’s more relaxed.
Criminal Record: She has no actual criminal record. However, her upbringing and job has had her involved in things that were a little less than legal.
Dominance: She stands her ground very hard. She is as stubborn as Trinity, if not more.
Ego: She knows she’s important, however she doesn’t like to flaunt that idea to people.
Emotional Stability: She is not very stable, letting off steam by making small fires, cooking or if she’ll talk with Silvious or Trinity.
Expression: She expresses herself with her cooking and depending on the song she plays on the violin.
Liveliness: She does what needs to be done first. She won’t realize that she’s over working herself until someone points it out to her.
Mannerisms: She acts very well-mannered towards most people, however she can have a sharp tongue if someone instigates negative conversation
Patience: Very patient
Reputation: She’s considered intelligent and Reliable, as well as having a mothering nature at times.
Sociability: She enjoys conversation with people and can tolerate people for some time.
Status: She’ considered a private individual with a decent status.
Style: Feminine


Compliments: “Thank you, you’re such a great help.”
Insults: “I feel my brain cells dying by just being near you.”

School and Work

Average Grade: A+ to B+
Education: Up to the college equivalent

Extracurricular: She didn’t partake in school extracurricular, however, she spent time at a friend’s Bakery, learning how to cook, tailor and play the violin.
Graduating Year: 2013 ((Skipped grades 2-4, otherwise her graduating year would have been 2015))
School: Krere Highschool, Musale elementary-Middle school
Special Education: Honor-Roll and AP classes
Study Habits: When Rosa came into her life her study habits changed. She took more creative methods to study, such as playing games or doing trivia for history and math subject. Practicing her magic control while entertaining the toddler at the same time, as well as taking trips to museums for Art and Science.



Hours: 7am- 3pm
Days: 5 days a week
Learning Type: She is an Auditory and Visual learner.
Occupation: Royal Advisor and community relations

Work Ethic:
Transportation: She has her own car.


Class: Upper-Class
Dependents: Rosa is dependent on her for monetary needs, because Rosa lives with her.
Funds: Aine always keeps at least $500 on hand
Income: $150/hr $234,000/yr

Intrapersonal Connections

Immediate Family: Despite them not being related Rosa is her family and all she has left.
Close Relatives: She has no known close relatives.
Distant Relatives: None
Ancestors: If she were able to track her family tree, shed find that her bloodline consisted of combinations of several races most of which were elementals.

Acquaintances: She’s aquatinted with some of the officials at her job, police officers, some of the people who run in the darker areas of society.
Enemies: Auden
Followers: Rosa’s best friend looks up to her
Friends: Trinity, Silvius, Sakura
Role Models: Her adoptive parents
Subordinates: In certain circumstances she gets to pull orders for the police and guards.

Physical Characteristics

Species: Human
Nationality: American.
Skin Color: Deep Bronze
Height: 5ft 5in ( cm)
Weight: 150lbs ( kg)

Hat Size: 6
Shirt Size: Medium-large
Waist Size: 8
Shoe Size: 6
Face Shape: Heart
Hair Color: Burnt Umber
Hair Length: Long
Hair Type: Naturally curly, Hair care methods keep it straight
Hair Style: Braid hanging off her shoulder
Widow's Peak: No
Eyebrows: Thin
Facial Hair: None
Eye Type: Round
Eye Color: Aqua
Nose Shape:
Teeth: omnivorous
Makeup: She’ll wear makeup to formal events, which includes lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara and blush.

Health and Fitness

Aids: Contact/Glasses
Reason for Health: She needs glasses/contacts because she had a habit of reading in dim light and didn’t know the dangers of staring at the sun.
Blood Type: AB-
Diet: Her diet proportions are three times the average, since she needs more calories. She eats a balance of meats, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and wheat.
Figure: Hourglass figure
Fitness: She does light exercise twice every week.
Hygiene: Showers twice a day everyday
Martial Arts: CQC
Maximum Load: 50lbs
Posture: Straight posture
Scent: Cool Raspberry
Somatotype: Mesomorph

Sexual Characteristics

Gender: Female
Gender Role: Female
Orientation: Demi-sexual
Sex Life: Only with Silvius
Virginity: No
First Love: Silvius Albert
Love Interests: Silvius Albert
Marital Status: In a relationship

Residential Characteristics

Abode: Higher Middle Class
Citizenship: American
Sleep Patterns: She likes to keep a sleep schedule of 10pm-5am

Story Information

Archetype: The Hero/The Earth Mother
Enneagram: Type Three
First Appearance: Chapter 1 Beginning
Earliest Appearance: Cover
Flaws: Possessive, Spiteful, Near-Sighted
Tropes: Main Character
Role: Leader, Caretaker, Role Model
Significance: Important


MBIT Personality Type: ENFJ
Anima: She’s unhappy and would rather sulk about things
Persona: She hides her inner despair. She goes around with a smile on her face giving positive advice and tries to keep the atmosphere as happy as possible.

Her job makes her very influential in the community. However, that position also makes it so that she’s being carefully watched.


Infancy: Her parents were busy people, so most of her care was from the nanny they hired for the time. Once it became apparent that she had fire magic, more care was taken into the household materials. They had to make sure things were non-flammable and have her wear magical restraint gloves.

Childhood: At age six she lost her parents. She was adopted by a couple who were friends of her family. At age ten she caused the start of a fire in a forest city. In the confusion she rescued a baby, Rosa, and asked her adoptive parents to take the baby in. Due to her study habits and support from her parents she skipped three grades.

Adolescence: In her early teen years she was finishing high school. In from her high marks and work in the community, she was able to obtain a job within the local government. Over the years she had been working her way up the ladder. When she was eighteen, her adoptive parents died in a car accident and she took custody of Rosa.

Adulthood: She’s currently 20. She works as an advisor and tries to keep life happy for herself and Rosa.

Other Information
Face Claim: Shanice Banton
• Due to some of the actions by her parents, she as another persona named Minena. When under severe stress she struggles to keep her subdued. Aine wears the restraint on her wrist to help keep her at bay. Minena is more dangerous and has less morality issues with killing people

Aine Macie's Character Sheet


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