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Hello! I'm a 20 year old Freelancer. Mainly I draw anime style, but I can dab in other styles as well. The characters on the character page are ones I plan to feature in a book I'm making. I'm open to commissions and freelance work.

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Keeping my characters grounded

When writing a story, sometimes I feel the urge to write a scene that pops into my mind. Problem is, sometimes those scenes may cause some conflicts with the character's personality or their own back story. Now I hate conflicting story elements and a characters acting very out of character unnecessarily. Now I understand character development is an important factor and characters are supposed to change over time, but I'm talking about those instances that aren't supposed to be character changing or just plain conflict with the characters as a whole. So I made myself some ground rules to always follow with each character so I can plan scenarios without breaking too much out of what the character is supposed to be.

-Trinity is not a sex hound. Trinity is a very bold character and being an assassin, I feel that's not a bad thing. She is very flirtatious towards all genders however, she does not actively seek out new sex partners. Her job as an assassin already puts her life in a dangerous situation and there's always the possibility in her mind that a person could be assigned to try and kill her. So active one night stands is too dangerous of a hobby for her. And as the story develops, she does gain a serious interest in Aine.

-Trinity can and will kill a person without a second thought if they become a serious threat. Normally, she only kills people who she has been hired to kill, however if her life or the life someone she cares about is put into jeopardy she will get rid of them. For her, murder is a reasonable resort.

-Aine is asexual, not aromantic. Aine does have dreams about falling in love and starting a family of her own. Her current work currently hinders her ability to go out on dates, but she still holds on to the dream that she'll run into a person she'll grow to love and live together with.

-Aine is not a workaholic. Her job is high maintenance and frequently causes all-nighters just to get it done. However, the moment she is able to catch a break she will relax and put work to the side for the time being. She knows that overworking will not, help her in the long run. She also tries makes sure to never miss an event that is important to Rosa.

-Rosa and her friends are not stupid and do possess intelligence about the world around them. Most of the trouble they do get into is out of pure curiosity to learn more and they will back out if things are dangerous.

-In tense or otherwise unsettling situations, Rosa should gravitate towards Aine, as Aine has acted as her guardian since Rosa was adopted as a baby.

-Thaabita is not quiet or anti-social. She appears quiet when around Rosa due to Rosa's hyperactivity. When alone with any other person, it will be noticed that Thaabita is quite talkative.

-Nathan is not a cold and calculating geek. While he is highly intelligent and was a former mercenary, he shows a gret deal of love to his family. He's a supportive and romantic husband to his wife, Lydia. He has also always been a supportive father to his daughter, Trinity. He makes sure to let them both know that he loves them.

-Lydia is just as capable of murder as her husband and her daughter are. Lydia cannot act on it as freely as them however, since she spends more time in the public eye as a Fashion Designer. So, she is more limited on when she can act upon a situation that would require her to kill. Most likely, Nathan or Trinity will respond to the situation.

-Sakura is selectively-mute. He can only be socializing verbally when he is in a completely comfortable environment around people he trusts. These people are Trinity and his family members.

-Jestine is not completely heartless. Her actions, in her eyes, are actions of love to get Aine back on the right track, as she believes that Aine is the one who's been misguided and manipulated as they were growing up.

While I'm sure to generate more rules for certain characters as I go along, these are what I have to consider as I'm writing to make sure I don't veer too far off course.

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