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The Bartender

"Stoke forge. Heat metal. Strike anvil. Craft sword. Slay gods."
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[TYD] The GTF & The Hours

The Galactic Trade Foundation – initialized in 4012 AD, precisely ten years after humankind left their dying home world in search of brighter horizons, it was the first standardized trade network promoting commerce between the advanced species eager to form union with the newest players in the real…

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[TYD] Omnis Ignacia

The ‘Genesis Pearls’ are originally a set of ancient artifacts discovered on Gliese 581g during the First Glacial Era (3972 AD) by the indigenous Luxian Hare tribes. Intricate details surrounding the ancient pair of soccer ball sized red pearls are scarce at best. However, modern examination has re…

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[TYD] Luxian Hares

((RP/Character related entry related to the Ten Year Dogma)) Luxian Hares are one of the races indigenous to Gliese 581g (eventually renamed Luxia). Despite their lagomorphic appearance, the primary native to Planet Luxia are more closely related to lizards found on Earth. Intrinsically, they are c…