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[TYD] The GTF & The Hours by Lightlender

The Galactic Trade Foundation – initialized in 4012 AD, precisely ten years after humankind left their dying home world in search of brighter horizons, it was the first standardized trade network promoting commerce between the advanced species eager to form union with the newest players in the realm of inter-space travel: Humans. What began as just a meager shipping company quickly grew to encompass every aspect of legislative office and eventually developed into humanity’s de-facto government. By 4028, it tiered ahead into ventures of research and development of faster-than-light travel, nanomedicine, and various other fields. By the end of that same year, the GTF became the standardized democracy addressing all various walks of life hailing under the umbrella of free trade, pursuit of knowledge, and the establishment of universal commonwealth. The GTF employs its own private military apart from associated home worlds within its network, being the central nerve of military might stationed in the Gliese System—as well as an intergalactic peace-keeping force known as The Hours. Purportedly composed of twelve individuals whose combat prowess is said to be equal to an entire armada of battleships, there is one designated for each of the ten home worlds of the GTF, each a sole authority above standard jurisdiction.

[TYD] The GTF & The Hours


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