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[TYD] Luxian Hares by Lightlender

((RP/Character related entry related to the Ten Year Dogma))

Luxian Hares are one of the races indigenous to Gliese 581g (eventually renamed Luxia). Despite their lagomorphic appearance, the primary native to Planet Luxia are more closely related to lizards found on Earth. Intrinsically, they are cold-blooded humanoid vertebrates typically between six to twelve feet tall with furred bodies ranging in complexion characteristic of their local climate. Due to the environment and nature of Luxia, the physiological build of Luxian Hares is particularly worthy of notice. Statistically, compared to humans of Earth, Luxian Hares have drastically superior bodies which is owed to the increased gravity of their home world, shorter day cycles, and overall cooler climate. With Gliese 581g’s proximity to its parent star and its size being roughly 3-to-4 times larger than Earth, Luxian Hares spend much of their day in dark or limited light and have developed larger and more powerful bodily composition. Their flesh is durable, similarly to Teflon, and their fur (while short) is inextensible, coarse and likened to wire mesh. Their eyes adjust to dim conditions and while they are a mostly nocturnal species by circumstance, they are naturally diurnal in nature and more active at day.

The most peculiar aspect of Luxian Hares lies in their ability to convert virtually all of their consumed food to chemical energy (up to 83%) and store it over vast periods, requiring them to eat very little. They can exert conscious control over their body temperature after reaching adulthood (roughly ten earth-years) and survive in prolonged exposure to temperatures well below freezing with little to no complication. Nevertheless, despite their ‘superior builds’, the intelligence of the Luxian Hares leave much to be desired. Up until their discovery by the Galactic Trade Foundation, the Hares existed in primarily nomadic tribes with Neolithic grasps of technology and science. They also display an unnaturally low emotional range, fully grasping at best perhaps one or two basic human emotions. When the GTF began exploration of Luxia, the primal hares proved to be an extremely docile race that showed little qualms over being cultivated for the sole purpose of slavery—which holds mostly true to this very day. The few who are fortunate to find their way into ownership by masters who see them beyond work tools or livestock show surprisingly adaptability and an uncanny thirst for knowledge, which produces occasional ‘prodigies’ of their race. Regardless, Luxian Hares hold an F-Class Designation within the GTF and are not formally recognized as a developed species, thereby having few (if any) communal rights.

[TYD] Luxian Hares


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