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Sunny Hayes / Ohio

Cherish this moment for happiness is elusive
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Hoi there!

Heya folks! Dunno what to say whenever I make journals haha, heck what would everyone like to know? Got any questions for me? I love knowing what peeps are curious about. I suppose I'm a little narcissistic in that regard haha! Otherwise, I'm trying to use Weasyl a little more. Seems like I have to…

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So happy with the layout change! I don't think any website has made my art look better. Even looks cooler than deviant art. I'm sorta slowly making the shift to here, it's hard having been established on VCL, Deviant art, Sheezy art, So Furry and then Fur Affinity. Best thing here is that is has pr…

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Nearly the New Year!

Heya everyone! I keep trying to remember to post here more often, as I honestly DO like this site way better than FA. I just wish the community was larger. Otherwise, everything else seems to be pretty awesome. So, sorry if you're only here and not FA/waiting to see new content from me. I'm trying…

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Hello All!

Finally getting settled in here. Had my name grabbed from awhile ago, but noticed the community here exploded! (Though I know why, I'm happy for it!) I like the format of this site so much better. Plus having more than one place to post is pretty grand. I don't know if I'll be using this site for m…