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Hello All! by Gravewalker

Finally getting settled in here. Had my name grabbed from awhile ago, but noticed the community here exploded! (Though I know why, I'm happy for it!) I like the format of this site so much better. Plus having more than one place to post is pretty grand.

I don't know if I'll be using this site for my adult work that isn't tasteful. I'll keep that separate if I can.

My index finger on my drawing hand is pretty busted up for the moment. I cut it badly and it doesn't bend well/is in a splint. So new art is halted while I try and let it heal.

When it heals though! I'll be opening for IRON ARTIST sketches! in 5 slot increments! :D

I'll keep digging up what I think is my best work though! I want my Weasyl to stay nice! :D

Hello All!


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    I'm totally interested in some Gravey arts. <3 Hope you heal up nice, hun!

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      Awh thank you! I can't wait to be healed and open for arts again! I miss drawing ;^;

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    Oooh no... what did you do!? :( Hope it mends quickly. Yeah, things are starting to really explode here - which means I need to get off my butt and get my FA stuff moved over here. Iggi had a good idea where she posts more personal art and stuff that might garner odder or inappropriate comments to "friends" only. I guess you can restrict some of your gallery in that manner here, which seems like a good idea if you want to upload some of our more interesting adult stuff, but control who sees it. :)

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    BTW: the tagging and folder system means you can keep your naughtier art separate pretty easily. If people don't want to see it is invisible if you tag properly, and folders tagged for things they filter will never appear. It's quite nice: a lot of what people had to maintain multiple accounts for at FA is accommodated easily in one, here.

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      I did think about that for sure! I may still upload things, just gotta see how I feel about it. :D THanks!

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    Hello! I've pretty much moved from FA to Weasyl (I'm in the process of posting all of my TeoGifts stuff, and then everything is probably going to be Weasyl-exclusive from here on out, mostly just because I can't muster the energy to bother to check FA anymore) so I love that you're here as well. The more awesome artists I can follow here, and the fewer I lose out on by moving, the better! So, it's super great to see you <3

    I do love that the folders here allow me to keep everything organized better with just one account here, than I could with TWO over there. I can put all my main self-made stuff and my TeoGifts stuff all in one account here, and it's okay, because FOLDERS! OMG. XD

    (That also means you have an easy built-in way to keep the adult stuff separate if you still want to post it, but of course that's up to you. <3)

    Anyway, sorry to hear about your injury, and I hope you get/feel better soon!