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OMG WEASYL ILU by Gravewalker

So happy with the layout change! I don't think any website has made my art look better. Even looks cooler than deviant art.

I'm sorta slowly making the shift to here, it's hard having been established on VCL, Deviant art, Sheezy art, So Furry and then Fur Affinity. Best thing here is that is has pretty much everything I want in an art website. Nearly anyway! Getting there. :D More I like about it here than on FA for sure.

So thanks developers! Site is looking awesome! New home for me? :o



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    im in totally the same boat. this sites just getting better and better <3

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    I've been pretty fond of this site since day one and FA just solidified me staying over here. :) I'm not thrilled with the new thumbnails because they are too close together, but someone already wrote a fix, so I'm happy!

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    I certainly like a lot of what the site does, but I admit I'm not a fan of the new default thumbnail for stories and the like. It managed to look even less appealing than before. Granted it's easily circumvented by using custom thumbnails, so it's no major gripe. The rest of what Weasyl offers really does outshine most of FA (folders, prim and trim layout). Everything is where it should be, more or less.

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    I have to admit I'm still getting used to it, but kudos to the team for making a workaround out-of-the-box in case people don't like the changes. Leaps and bounds ahead of FA.

    I just hope for writer-oriented tweaks and support, and this place will be right as rain.

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    Definitely a big improvement. The downscaling could look a bit better, but it's still much better than it was before, or on FA for that matter (All my thumbnails look like someone smeared Vaseline over them on FA.)

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    Woohoo! I love it too!

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    Yeah I'm really happy to see this! Hope you don't mind i unwatched you on FA, since you are active here I'm trying to keep my submission lists so there isn't too much overlap since I watch like 600 people c.c

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    It's certainly a welcome change. X3

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    It's always great to have you here! I mean I've loved your art forever and now I'm here, so getting to see more from you again is always great news. :D