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Nearly the New Year! by Gravewalker

Heya everyone!

I keep trying to remember to post here more often, as I honestly DO like this site way better than FA. I just wish the community was larger. Otherwise, everything else seems to be pretty awesome. So, sorry if you're only here and not FA/waiting to see new content from me. I'm trying to use both of the sites! XD Just a little slow on that.

So far so good on the new year coming up. It's been a really rough one for sure, but 2013 I think was still the worst. Been constantly out of money and more sick/hurt than usual so I think I've just felt it more. Ryoku and I have been to a few great cons, and become closer friends with more than a few people. That's what's made it worth it! With every ride home it gets more bittersweet. I miss everyone so much! 's great though, and I'm so glad I met so many folks this year due to AC and MFF being HUGE cons!

I have plans to finally try pushing out comics this new year. Maybe work on a book that's been on my mind as well. Doing more live streamed commissions as well is a big plan! Provided I can make a better 'art space' for myself, I'll be able to do more work, efficiently!

But yeah, no stopping soon! I must keep creating!

Also, Happy Holidays everyone! <3

Nearly the New Year!


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    It's great to see new uploads from you, Gravey! I hope that you have a great holiday and a happy new year. :3

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    YAY! Happy Nude De.. i mean New Year!

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    Happy Holidays!! Yeah, I like this place a lot too, but am even more guilty for lack-o-posts here. :/ Ah well. Perhaps something we can both work at in the new year. The comic sounds like a very cool idea - look forward to seeing it!

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    I agree; The lack of community and traffic and reciprocal commenting stops me from really being over here a whole lot. Ah well.

    Offer to come visit in the next month or so still stands!

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      Yeah that's it really! Though everything else seems really nice so it keeps me poking back around.

      I want to so badly, still gotta see if it's in the funds! (Feb is my birthday/anniversary month so it's always a lil' busy) I'll have to see what a bus is, can't be too bad as you're not really that far from me! :D

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    Welcome back around! Glad to hear things have picked up since last we'd seen each other! :D

    The creative drive never really gets extinguished, just subsides for a time. I look forward to seeing what you want to do!

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    I've gotta work on commenting more, myself... :P

    Good that you're trying to balance both sites though, I really think all weasyl needs is a bigger community and then we might actually be rid of all of that other site's headaches once and for all.

    Oh well. Those plans for the new year sound pretty exciting! Really looking forward to more streamed stuff, and those comics have definitely piqued my interest. :D