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Nominations what?

Hi guys, Been super busy! SUPER BUSY! Apparently I got nominated for Silver Reuben award and appear nominated with Lissa Treiman and John Allison for Eisner award. How cool is that? (answer: holy muffin munching cow! SO COOL!) Anyways! I am still doing Giant Days and I am about to finish my degree…

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Giant Days - here we go!

http://www.themarysue.com/exclusive-preview-giant-days-7/ First issue I am involved with comes out on Wednesday! So excited!

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Back in UK

Back to school! Can't wait to meet everyone again! Still no new arts, sorry. My hand is a bit off now thanks for moving heavy things and then spraining joints! Nothing too serious. Just few days of rest should do it!

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Well that happened earlier than I expected

So cat's out of the bag. I got a job at Boom!Studios doing a marvelous, funny and witty comic called Giant Days. Look it up! It's fun slice of life story created by ever so talented John Allison about three friends and their shenanigans while studying in a university. Lissa Treiman who has illustra…

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Complete radiosilence - sorry about that

Hi Everyone (if there still is someone) I've been totally absent from Weasyl (and mostly from tumblr as well) because I've been busy working on my many projects which are all confidential due copyright and silence agreements. That sounds like a total lie, but it isn't, i swear to god! Once stuff ge…

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Thank you for all the good wishes

.. of my leg. And about getting well. It has healed up pretty nicely. Finally back at school and doing art. This also means that i will start slowly check my inbox: art and all that. Trying to be more active again. :) How are you guys?

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Broken leg

.. and that is why i haven't been updating anything for a while. I broke two major bones in my ancle and had surgery, hospital time and all that jazz. Hopefully all you guys are doing well!

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Spreading the word - commissions to pay studies + news!

First the important part: https://www.weasyl.com/journal/36456/help-me-pay-for-school-commissions And then News! I've been offline quite a lot! Sorry about that! Applying to schools! Whee, exiting! No promises on the art section but IF my plans work out I will be able to do some traditional pics!

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spreading the word - commissions!

https://www.weasyl.com/journal/29574/money-problems-some-help-would-be-awesome Spreading a word here for commissions due money trouble!

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Small update stuff

So! First: Thank you for the watchers, appreciate you one and all Second: And sorry for not uploading nothing!! You deserve better! I will still keep a bit quiet here on the art venue, but once I get few things off from my checklist, I will take in some requests from Weasyl's to spread the love and…

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CODING! (took me a while to find these!)

How to get icons and coding and all that stuff! https://www.weasyl.com/help/markdown And I swear I will soon start doing art instead of constant journals.^^;

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Spreading the word - Let's Help Weasyl!

Without any shame I just copy paste from "https://www.weasyl.com/journal/24818 is a fantastic list of suggestions for keeping Weasyl active and alive! Here's a breakdown of some of the suggestions! -Post often! -Interact! -Make some content Weasyl exsclusive! I highly recommend checking out the lin…

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Figuring this thing out

Slow and steady... So if you see me watching you like seven times, it's because I am an idiot. If you guys see me uploading stuff seven times, it is because I am an idiot. Overall: I am an idiot. But About Weasyl! I really like the amount of things you can so here. Also big plus on the two differen…