Nominations what? by EvilGrinn

Hi guys,

Been super busy! SUPER BUSY!
Apparently I got nominated for Silver Reuben award and appear nominated with Lissa Treiman and John Allison for Eisner award. How cool is that? (answer: holy muffin munching cow! SO COOL!)

Anyways! I am still doing Giant Days and I am about to finish my degree which MEANS during the summer - drums please - if I get all my living sorted out I will be able to put content in here again! Whee! And possibly do trades and commissions! SUPER WHEE!

How are you guys doing?

Nominations what?


20 April 2016 at 17:42:57 MDT

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    CONGRATZ HUN! So proud of you!

    Also I've been doing fine, everything's just been going so slow lately XD Hope you're days are a blast!

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      It is always a bummer when you HAVE to slow down. Totally different from GETTING to slow down xD

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        Tell me about it, I want to actually move forward and life is like, nope imma just keep you here for awhile =B

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    Dang, that's awesome, man! All kinds of pride for you over here too! :>

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    oh wow congrats!! that's amazing.

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      Thank you! Ja Suomeen takas kesällä. Näkyykö sua Hesan sarjakuva festareilla syksyllä?

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        En tiä vielä, saa nähdä.

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