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WHEN YOU FIND ARTISTS WHOSE WORK JUST MAKES YOU WANNA DRAW?? HELL YEAH THAT'S AN AWESOME FEELING. but also. it's almost 3 i need to go to bed lmfao. i was staying up so that i could rig one of my models but i fuckin forgot maya fucks joints up on my computer so i finished texturing it and promptly…

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some days...

are just plain weird. man. it's not like i had a BAD day. had a good time with friends later on, pretty decent day at work, but it was just. you know those days where it's just really hard to be you? that was one of those days. i felt really tied up. really stuck. i had too many obligations, too ma…

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this journal went so well on FA, i figured i might as well make one on here, too! interested in getting a pixel icon like one of these? https://www.weasyl.com/submission/477967/free-icon-i https://www.weasyl.com/submission/477971/free-icon-iii https://www.weasyl.com/submission/478048/free-icon-v ht…

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if you ever feel bad about your art

just come here and look at my art through the ages 2008 https://31.media.tumblr.com/603667f3b2230dcee5b02e33ddc9621b/tumblr_inline_n0r104cbFB1qgxj0r.png https://31.media.tumblr.com/2d6e9cc91560aa00faceeb1598052cb3/tumblr_inline_n0r10pu5C81qgxj0r.png (ps these are gay warrior cats OCs) https://31.me…

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got a colorful character?? want some FREE STUFF???

i wanna try working on my colors/a painterly style that i actually like so i'm looking for some characters to just mess around with drawing \ o / if you've got a character with a colorful palette (or anything with a good color scheme really), gimme a ref and i'll pick a few to do! please don't post…

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commission for a figurine??

http://www.whatpumpkin.com/John-Egbert-Vinyl-Figurine.html i cannot explain how deeply i want this figurine in my life, but sadly i don't really have the funds at the moment to justify buying this for myself!! soooo, i would like to offer to do a commission worth $50 (which would be approximately t…

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alright alright alright (meme)

bumpin down that journal with a MEME?? WHOA What's your real name? i just go by nicc since it is short for my real name!! but you can also call me crown \ o / How tall are you? i'm 5'2"....weeps...... What's your natural hair color? blonde! it's dyed a much lighter blonde rn tho What's your eye col…

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gross sighing

it would be such a relief to just dump FA and get on with my life but i've made more money in commissions on FA than i ever have on DA and tumblr combined and i NEED that bumper to get me between paychecks b/c i don't make enough to support myself and it sucks even WITH commissions it's hard and th…

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the situation on FA is a fucking trainwreck

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pretty damn appalled

i think pretty much everyone knew an alarming majority of FA staff were pretty terrible before all this shit went down but now it's just wow i cannot believe that these ppl have their heads so far up their own and each other's asses that they can't own up to their mistakes and the awful shit they'v…