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Bornes / 34 / M / HI, USA

Completely average in every way
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Looking for Fursuit Reviews? Check out this website!

FursuitReview is a website that collects reviews of fursuits and parts! Operating since August 2015. The website has easy to use review forms and many sorting options. There is also a FursuitReview FA page and a FursuitReview Twitter. (I post this here because apparently Weasyl's journals have bett…

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Poll: Why do you watch me?

I have a free month in December and I would like to make my watchers happy. Why did you START watching me? Why do you continue to watch me? What would you like to see more of? Less of? I still like Weasyl a lot and I will be bringing it up to date with my FA account this december as well, but I wil…

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FurAffinity, Again...

I had kind of a long journal here but forgot to put a rating so it was all deleted when I tried to submit. Rather than type it all nice-like again, here's the deal: I like weasyl, but the primary reason I was here was for folders. FA finally implemented folders, and did it better, so I probably won…

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New Fursuit Review group!

FursuitReview on FA! If you refuse to use FA, it also has a website! I just started this like 3 days a go, but it's already up and running! (view changelog on the FA page for now, but that will soon be deleted once I finish). Submit your reviews by email or note! I don'…

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No more comic con photos

No more comic con photos. I got them all, finally. There might be some random red hood here or there that I take by myself, but the next photo dump will be in September, after Amazing Hawaii Comic Con. Yes, my gallery is mostly Red Hood this year. Sorry (not really)!

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The Photo Dump Is Mostly Over

This weekend I went to Comic Con Honolulu, cosplaying as Red Hood. I went to a DC Photoshoot and had a great time! More ability to stage/pose than other photoshoots I've been to. What I have uploaded falls under at least one of a few categories: 1. I took the photo 2. I didn't take the photo, but I…

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Finally made a banner image

I cheated and used one of my panoramic photos. It looks nice enough, I guess. The submission of it is here if you're interested.

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Avatar change

Since Weasyl is a place I upload pretty much everything, I decided my avatar should be more 'me' and less 'furry' (believe it or not, I don't have a fursona and I don't consider myself that husky). Anyway, My persona is my Jiden character, so I just changed to that. =)

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Kawaii Kon Finale

I'm home from the con now. And again, I never told poor Weasyl I was leaving! Apologies. I got a hotel room and a badge. Last year I didn't do either, just chugged around lobby areas in a partial. I managed to fullsuit all three days! Wow! Friday for 1.5 hours, Saturday for about 45min (photoshoot,…

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Back from Big Island (Hawaii)

I forgot to tell you all I was leaving for it. I was only there for 3 days, but saw a lot of stuff. Mostly went on hikes, also explored some caves. I will be uploading photos in the next few days. I don't usually put that stuff in my FA account. edit: I'm finished uploading the photos. I did more t…

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Hello? This is Dog.... 2!

So some of you may remember this short film, "Hello? This is Dog." (henceforth referred to as HTID) Many people asked for a sequel, and I wanted to make one, I just had no idea how. Well this morning, it fucking came to me out of the blue. It might be a cop out, I dunno, but it's a sequel and I act…

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Been making a fursuit/costume inventory website & would like some feedback

I've been making a fursuit/costume inventory website for myself and would like some feedback on it. It's mostly useable. Really I have one main question. In the "Completed Outfits" section, I aimed to put in pretty much every outfit I've ever taken a picture of and uploaded…

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Major Update

If you couldn't already tell, I updated my gallery A LOT. I've now caught up this account to my other FA accounts (I have 3 of them). A lot of stuff I didn't upload here. I decided against it. Despite the fact that I still think Weasyl is better [designed] than FA, and that I have caught up my acco…