Major Update by Bornes

If you couldn't already tell, I updated my gallery A LOT.

I've now caught up this account to my other FA accounts (I have 3 of them). A lot of stuff I didn't upload here. I decided against it.

Despite the fact that I still think Weasyl is better [designed] than FA, and that I have caught up my accounts, I doubt I will still remain active here until more people migrate.

I know it's such a cop-out but sorry. =(

Major Update


18 October 2014 at 07:19:35 MDT

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    People won't migrate if people don't migrate.

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      I know =(

      Which is why I feel bad. But... Yeah.

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        It's just sorta a vicious cycle of sorts, what I've been referring to as the "facebook syndrome". :/ I'm not necessarily saying that people need to outright LEAVE, but maybe start cross-posting at the very least. It could certainly help create a more healthy and active community here. I know that can sometimes be a bit of a hassle though. ...Y'know, I THINK there's a couple browser plugins that help with cross-posting, but I forget the names of them. Eh, things will get better with time. :)