New Fursuit Review group! by Bornes

FursuitReview on FA! If you refuse to use FA, it also has a website!

I just started this like 3 days a go, but it's already up and running! (view changelog on the FA page for now, but that will soon be deleted once I finish).

Submit your reviews by email or note!

I don't think making an account for Weasyl is allowed, but even if it was, there would be no way I could update 3 sites at once. @_@
I think the FA and the other site is good enough.

Anyway, please spread the word and write some reviews! If you have already written a review, we take those too, so you don't have to totally rewrite them! Check out the grandfathered review form!

This group also allows reviews of developmental materials like bases, molds, claws, etc.! I haven't made a review form for that yet, but you can help me make it by commenting here about the DEVP Review form!

New Fursuit Review group!


11 August 2015 at 03:26:18 MDT

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