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Balaa / SoCal

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AWWW you guys!!!!

Thank you for all the feedback on my last journal. I'll start migrating the content I have posted on my tumblr over here. It will take a bit since there was quite a bit so bare with me! It makes me thrilled beyond words to have received so many replies to my journal because it means you guys are al…

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Would you guys like it if..

As some of you know, I keep a dedicated sketch/wip tumblr at Spiramirabilis at tumblr. But because Weasyl has the lovely ability to separate work into collections, I have been thinking of cross-posting sketches/other not necessarily anthro related work here. Is that something any of you would like…

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Hello all you lovely new folks!

Just wanted to send a hello to all the new folks joining Weasyl! I am thrilled it is finally in open beta and hope that means this site will stick around. I tried several other 'new' sites and I think of them Weasyl is the most user friendly and pleasant on the eyes (well anyway I just like it the…

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Can you re-arrange folder order and featured content?

Just wondering if there is a way to re-arrange the order in which folders appear on my main page? I'd like to stagger them according to importance (ie first complete illos, then speedpaints, then sketches, etc) but I can't seem to find a way to do this. Also would love to set which pieces I want to…

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MatMath Matting Calculator for Android

Sometime back while I was preparing for a show, I discovered my favorite online mat calculator was not working for some reason. I also discovered how cumbersome it was to have to have to tote my laptop out to wherever I was matting or have to calculate the numbers all by hand. I brought up this ann…

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Would you like to see....?

I have been debating what capacity to share one of my projects in. Originally, the plan was to share Savuti on a unique blog via Blogspot or on any of the number of social gallery sites. I love the fact that you can break your gallery down into folders here on Weasyl, so straight to the point, woul…

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Uploading ^^

Hello again all and especially you new folks following my gallery ^^. I will be staggering uploads so as not to flood your inboxes with old submissions. As an added note, I have revisited some old pieces and tweaked them minimally...specifically colors, contrast and saturation. Most of my pre-2011…

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Weasyl Hello!

Just saying a Hello to all the folks that are already here. This site looks extremely promising so I shall try to make a home of it and upload my newer body of work here! Thank you to Sekhmet for the invite!