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AWWW you guys!!!! by Balaa

Thank you for all the feedback on my last journal. I'll start migrating the content I have posted on my tumblr over here. It will take a bit since there was quite a bit so bare with me! It makes me thrilled beyond words to have received so many replies to my journal because it means you guys are all over here giving Weasyl life =D! (also Thank you for all the wonderful words you all left about my work...<3<3!!!!)

AWWW you guys!!!!


2 February 2014 at 14:59:55 MST

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    No need to say thanks, you are doing us a favor by sharing your amazing art with us <3

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    Same as above! I'm excited to get to see more of your work! :3

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    My "Awesome art that can't be described in words" folder is going to get filled to the brim...:D

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    Much love for you Lady! :D

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    Yes post all the things!

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    Excited to see the sketches and such!

    Also I 100% agree, I'm so happy to see so many people making this site active and work!

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    Welcome, hun, I love your art work!^^

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    Ahhh totally excited! :D