Hi, my name is Zack from Edgewood, NM. I am a NASCAR fan by day, babyfur advocate by night.

My Favorites
Animals: Cat, Fox, Raccoon
Sports: NASCAR
Music: 70s rock, 80s music, rock, metal

my deviant art that my main focus is Nascar and Non canon or doesn't exist in real life

My Characters
Steven he is a squirrel who is a toddler and almost always has a diaper on (the leader of the 5 main OCs)
Marty, he is a rabbit who also is a toddler and almost always has a diaper on (the lancer of the 5 main OCs
Chad, he is a skunk who is about 5 years old, and wears a diaper to either comfort his padded friends or to prevent the house from containing unwanted skunk waste (the big skunk of the 5 main OCs)
Little Raccoon, is a raccoon who is a toddler and the son of Matt Raccoon and his Unnammed Wife (the smart raccoon of the 5 main OCs)
Tanuki-san Jr, is a raccoon dog aka tanuki and is the nephew of Matt Raccoon and his Unnammed Wife as well as the cousin of little raccoon (the tanuki of the 5 main OCs)

Any ideas of what you want me to draw for you contact me at
Things i will draw for the commissioner
Animals in diapers (they are so cute)
Red from Angry Birds

Things I refuse to draw for the commissioner
anything lewd

Note: some so-called babyfur artwork I drew might contain some diapers that appear to be soiled

Latest Journal

Truck Playoffs HS6

on 28 January 2021 at 19:15:02 MST

Truck playoffs are now part of Heat System 6

21 Zane Smith (song: Headed for a heartbreak by Winger)
15 Tanner Gray (Song: Marrakesh Express by Crosby Stills and Nash)
13 Johnny Sauter (Song: Father Christmas by Kinks)
16 Austin Hill (Song: I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony by New Seekers)
17 Taylor Gray (Song: I Ran so Far Away by Flock of seagulls)
6 Norm Benning (song: Love bites by Def Leppard)
18 Christian Eckes (song: Brain Damage by Pink Floyd)
7 Korbin Forrister (song: Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye)
8 Joe Nemechek (Song: Walk all over You by ac/dc)
5 Dylan Lupton (Song: Metal Gods by Judas Priest)

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