Bringing a Cake & a Present to a Birthday Wolf by YoshiLoverSuperstar

Bringing a Cake & a Present to a Birthday Wolf


1 July 2019 at 10:29:42 MDT

Yesterday was a friend's birthday. (To your left) I've left Bio with a friend (he's a plushie I have in real life, he doesn't really have a purple crescent moon on his fur), his name is Kevin. This is the second time Bio has seen Kevin, he seems quite interested in Kevin. (To your right) I've got Bio's birthday cake and present. Now that I have them I must go back and see those friends of mine. Why am I not carrying the cake or the present? Well, at first I was a complete video game character, a Mii character to be exact. As a video game character, I have an inventory, it's incredibly useful for carrying many things. I'm still partially a Mii character, so I still have my inventory.

I should pick up the pace, the wolf part of me comes with a bigger appetite and I can't eat Bio's cake before he blows out the candle. This cake is so hard to resist right now... NO! I mustn't have a sample before Bio blows out the candle! I must stay strong!

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