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Limbdisk - Races to Scale by X. Cytilinsk

Limbdisk - Races to Scale

X. Cytilinsk

3 December 2018 at 15:11:06 MST

A little set up I put together to show the species of my universe to scale with each other. Each tile represents a 1x1 meter space. I made it an orthographic projection so the dimensions of each creature would be accurately represented despite apparent variations in distance.

Part of my animation project: "Limbdisk". Original designs by the me


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    Kuvmauta - Passably Furry.
    Epilloq - Passably Scaley.
    Ueptael - fuzzy caterpillar feelers. Weirdly cute.
    Kerihekteki - I aM yOuR nIgHtMaReS gIvEn FoRm OuT oF yOuR bLoOd.

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      That's actually very accurate! The Kuvmauta were originally going to be floofy but they were redesigned to have more in common with the Epilloq. Currently the fluffiest are probably the Ueptael with their weird arm-fur they got going on.