Limbdisk - The Wanderer's Shadow by X. Cytilinsk

Limbdisk - The Wanderer's Shadow

X. Cytilinsk

26 November 2018 at 18:11:01 MST

Another early render, this time of a spacecraft important to the story.

The Wanderer's Shadow is a Ueptael surveyor-craft previously stationed on the very edge of the galactic volume explored by the Allied Species. One of the first embryo grown Ueptael vessels, it was also the first to hold a multi-soul operation core. It's mind is omnipresent through out the vessel, with pilot-to-vessel exchanges occurring within a "focus sphere" located on the central bridge.


ID: 068733 Wanderer's Shadow
Director: Guide of the Lakes
Make: Araqualtoh Research Directorate
Type: Long range quick response craft, research and combat optimized
Scale: 1,860 meters in length
Crew (Minimum): 14 pilots, 24 engineering staff
Operating system: Quad-Conscience Core
Armament: Plasma emitting surface membrane


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    Nice to see sci fi speaking on souls and things that science never said definitely doesnt exist or not. I like how the ship looks very biological in design too.

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      Thank you so much! It's my primary goal to create a universe which is genuinely unnerving and strange. Hopefully it will only get better from here, I still suck at the whole realistic environmental lighting thing.

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    oh, a living spacecraft. that's pretty cool.:D
    is it biological or technological? it looks pretty organic to me.

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    It's a weird sort of mix. I have some information regarding Ueptael technology on my site ( although it needs to be updated with more details.

    The general idea is that each Ueptael vessel is in its self an artificial organism grown in a process of several decades within a large embryo. The matured organism already has biological versions of most systems (life support, weapons, medical bays) but needs to be modified further to survive long term missions in space. It's at this time that it is given non-biological engine cores and a protective coating of silicate nano-structures (hence the shiny exterior).

    In short: the majority of the craft is a living organism while the abiotic components are mostly hidden, although vital to it operation.