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i have an affinity for tyler hoechlin and the color red.
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My day job is Dog Grooming so that's why there's lots of dog pictures. you've been warned.
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Find me on Tumblr at My Main Blog for teen wolf/sterek craziness. Or My Art Blog, and My NSFW Art Blog for art, though i'm not super active on them. My DeviantART.



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on 16 April 2015 at 23:17:54 MDT

yeah i haven't been that active. :x i haven't been drawing a whooole lot bc i recently started dating this awesome guy i met and since we're on different shifts we've been spending all our free time together lol it doesn't help he works like 50 min from here on second shift so he's not home until 1:30am- i'm actually up waiting for him rn hahaaa- 3:30am on fridays he works and eventually when he starts working saturdays.

its an adjustment period for not only my ass not being single but for his work schedule. sO i will try to be more active lol i don't want to have a sudden drop in art like this but i can't help it. I've been working on portraits for work to make some extra $$$. i'll have one done tomorrow hopefully bc i want to have it printed by saturday cause that dog is coming in on saturday and i'd love to give it to her dad.

I had a birthday a week ago and it was pretty great, my bestie got me a double nest hammock i'm so excited to use it this summer then at Electric Forest 2016 <3 and to celebrate my bestie's birthday we're going to a show that will have Nahko and Medicine for the People LISTEN TO THEM RN IF YOU HAVENT HE'S AMAZIN I'm so excited for that in June. I totally have two hat pins that rep him, one for Nahko and one MFTP pin, <3 ugh just listen to him i'm serious. Wash it away, Budding Trees, Risk It, So Thankful, Warrior People are my favs of his.

anyway yeah little life update i suppose lol i'm extremely happy w how my life is going so i'm just going to soak it up, okay, i had a bad time for like 5 months there.

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