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I'm a Leafeon/Wolf who enjoys to draw, any thing and everything

I have quite alot of art work done

I do get quite busy at times though

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if I didn't exist, you'd be happiyer

on 27 July 2014 at 08:18:00 MDT

I was stone cold depressed yesterday ijust felt so lowsie
And then tday my parents again treat me like shit
Always the same, day in day out, people love depressing me so accidently upset someone else
Right now burst into tears because of my fucking parents! WHY CANT THEY FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE!!! OR TREAT ME LIKE IM THEIR DAUGHTER!!!!! I can't remember the last time they made me feel loved... Or even wanted... Everything would be better if I didn't exist

When will someone be nice to me?... My uncles friend was being horrible to me... s suck u o mself
And uncle told me off... and he was the uncle was close to...
Why wnt people stop hating me... just wishi was dead... no point when you hve no job o uport fom none
And your brain is hurting people yu love...

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    You do seem familiar.
    ..Weren't you the one that did a commission for me long time ago when I was an immature ass?

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      Not that I can find it or anything but drew a rather crap looking picture of your character ^^; im not joking it looks terrible... I just cant find it for some reason...

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      (your character doesn't look terrible, just the picture I did of it)

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        Nah It's fine if you can't find it.
        It was just back then when I was immature.

        I never knew you had a weasyl on here however.
        I simply moved here because dA is just not a good site as it used to be. People overreact and become gullible so easily. Not only that they even easily hold grudges against some people. Especially me.